Monday 18 October 2010

Tokong Kau Ong Yah @ Ampang Jaya

 Tokong Kau Ong Yah ( Nine Emperor God Temple )

 The yearly Kau Ong Yah festival happening at Ampang.
this is my first time visit here and found out here really happening and crowd.
But my first expression on first step is like a greater night market gather from vary place.
Sorry to said for those prayers but is true.

Address: Jalan Merdeka, Ampang New Village, 
68000 Ampang, 
Selangor, Malaysia

GPS Coordinates: N 3 08.493 E 101 45.888
Tokong Kau Ong Yah
 its located at Kampung Baru area.
南天宫 ( Nan Tian Gong)
one of the ceremony going on
Fire Path
 Extremely hot and vast. This is the road path for those prayers pass by.
Chinese Opera
     Traditional show origin from China and rarely to found at Malaysia those days.
Bidding Stall
 There are a lot people bidding for cheap crystal but for me crystal is just a stone. 
not much worth and its only for display.
Vegetarian food stall
 Finally, come across the food stall and me is hungry while time. 
One thing need to remind : the price here is damn expensive ( Different rate from its pricing tag)
The price for steak at famous restaurant are cheaper than here the only vegetable food.
See the different? All the food price  rise to become 5-star hotel rate. WTF
 this is one of the famous dessert : Stinky Taufu ( Smell Taufu)
 See the way how they actually deep fried the stinky taufu on the high temperature oil.
Stinky Taufu ( Smell Taufu )
 The taste is nice but is not accepted by everyone because of its special taste and smell
but i love it , I am not the first time eating this..I try several time when me at Taiwan

KL Twin Tower
Captured when travel back from Ampang.
Well this soon to be overtake by "Warisan Merdeka" 100 Storey Building.


  1. Vegetarian food is indeed very expensive as compared to others.

  2. @smallkucing erm, but there price is out of expected expensive..Mayb i walk wrong place edy..hehe