Saturday 16 October 2010

Fly Kite Day with Churpers @ Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus

 Taylor's University- Lakeside Campus

Address :  Taylor's Lakeside Campus
No.1, Jalan Taylor’s, 
47500 Subang Jaya, 
GPS Location :  N 3 03.782 E 101 37.044
 My first expression on Taylor's was " Wah , Izit an University or brand new shopping mall? "
 Is totally out of my expected as ordinary host of book, while look different from outside.

Lakeside view
 Is here a park or pond or lake?
Commercial building
  What i had spot out is the Wong Kok Restaurant , Baskin Robin , Face to Face noodles house,
Starbucks Coffee are current business here. Some coming soon, Old Town Kopitiam , etc bla bla
Lake Square
 OK back to my purpose for this coming, I am here coming for a Kite Fly Mission
 A part of Churpers gathering function.. Kite is flying around me.
But me is noob on Kite flying.. But nvm I had my master to teach me out.

Short Course for Kite Flying
1. Hold the kite on the another side.

2. prepare for 'take off' procedure
3. ready to 'take off' of kite
4. Finally, Flight in free runaway..Wohoo

Kite is flying
Finally, i had fly my kite is the air more than 3 seconds.. Clap Clap..

Two kite flying in the air
Dragon-Fly in the air
One of the churpers fly its own nice unique made kite

Me and Churp2

Can you spot out where yours face show up?

Overall , for me this kite flying is awesome and special function.
and here my guest giving a good response on this.

Check out for following function from Churpchurp


  1. taylor's lakeside campus is super chio !

  2. @engtaukia is perfect as Bangsar shopping Mall and even empire mall..haha..

  3. wah~~~ this Taylor's lakeside campus is so modernise eh!! I had my kite flying session too but at Desa Waterfront which after the Kepong Toll~ have u been therE?

  4. @lisa717 oo..Desa waterfront nearby Kepong.i never been there..but will find out my empty slot to there.there very suitable for kite flying?

  5. kepong is d most hebat place for kite flying... haha...

  6. @engtaukia ya..i know that desapark city there nice for kite flying, and also kepong crab too..hahaz...