Monday 25 October 2010

Takers @ GSC MidValley

Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Takers
Date : 25 October 2010 (Monday)
Time : 9.00PM
Venue : GSC MidValley

Is was my luck on this months or kindness of Sony Pictures Malaysia and Nuffnang. Thanks.
received the invitation few days ago after my busyness with my project and presentation.
Finally can have a rest enough gao gao d.
Its never come to end, I need to suffer for few more months since its soon to be my big days.
So i have no choice for it. Guai Guai watch movie and do my thing after this.
TAKERS revolves around a notorious group of criminals (Idris Elba, Paul Walker, T.I., Chris Brown, Hayden Christensen and Michael Ealy) who continue to baffle police by pulling off perfectly executed bank robberies. They are in and out like clockwork, leaving no evidence behind and laying low in between heists. But a hardened detective (Matt Dillon) is close on their heels, hell-bent on solving the case. When the gang attempts to pull off one last job with more money at stake than they ever imagined, it becomes a complex game of double cross and who’s “taking” who.

Comment : Nice movie with nice weapons , car and girls. Half of the movie only heard on gun shot,
Boom blasting and action onwards. Is nice to enjoy such action movie with non stop of scenes. Keep the climax all the time till the end of movie. For me is just to enjoy the sound effect from the theater
is much more different watching movie thru computer. I quite impress on all the plot, is all out of my expected scenes, not alike other movie follow old ideal only.
with this two guy @engtaukia and @blackiz 
[ Dont open their links, is virus sometimes]
Movie Ticket
Limited Edition Takers Laptop Sleeve

[Giveaway session : anyone want it? Drop me a mail. Thanks]

Official Trailer

Official site : Takers


  1. Anonymous12:21 am

    geng fast finish the post..haha i will grab the 1st photo for my post. thanks ar

  2. @kelvin not fast le lor. lack of time. have to do a lot thing in a time..haha.. take the image link to your blog lar..i think later on engtaukia will post up other photo too

  3. hey i tink i saw u :P
    & what's with the aaaa? at my post haha

  4. @halfnakedlatte hehe.."aaa" for fun.. y dont come over me to say hi..rmb next time ya..

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