Thursday 28 October 2010

Flying Wan Tan Mee @ Seapark , SS21

Flying Wan Tan Mee, Seapark PJ
 Actually I dunno whether this stall is the same as others always mention 
the flying wan tan mee, as I did not see any action of flying mee into sky. 
And there is no stall around the corner anymore. Move over few more step.
Flying Wan Tan Mee
(this photo credit to Desmond-T )
"The chef practically threw the noodle so high up in the air,
in a way to make the noodle more spongy and tastier"
Flying Wan Tan Mee Stall
this stall set-up at slope, there is only one and significant stall over there.
Char Siew Wan Tan Mee
This char siew ( BBQ pork ) is just a tiny little potion but the taste is good.
Another need to be mention is the mee potion is enough to fill my stomach in single way. 
Overall the taste of wan tan mee is nice and elastic "Q".
Nice to discover out some new place

Address : Jalan 21/22 ,
Taman Paramount,
Petaling Jaya

GPS Location : N03 06.636  E101 37.317
  Further down the road from the IndoMee Famous Seapark Nasi Lemak
or  it is further down Seapark Maybank.
Opens 6pm onwards


  1. Been to this stall. Like the noodles but the Char siew, wan tan and the sui kow taste so-so only

  2. @smallkucing emmm, yaya.. so overall being nice n tasty ..haha..

  3. Omg it srsly flies high up into the sky! HAHA lol

  4. @hilda yalor..tat y name as flying wan tan mee..hehezz.. and the reason i go there

  5. Wah the wantan noodle portion is so BIG!

  6. @BABY yalor..juz some worry about how a girl finish this..kekeke

  7. LOL Seriously I must GO AND TRY =P thx for the info's

  8. @kianfai food info sharing is my hobby..hehe..go have a try and take few comment on it..

  9. streets look so quiet. hehe. nwys. leaving my footprint here and checking for the newest post on digi's party. lalala..

    been nice meeting u all there. take care!

  10. @jard nice to meet you too..