Sunday 27 June 2010

Restaurant Bah Kut Teh Yap Eng @ Bukit Kemuning

Was a special weekend, call for gathering with my secondary classmate
have a Famous Bah Kut Teh dinner at Bukit Kemuning ,Klang.

but accidentally , one of my friends gave me a flight(aeroplane).
Suddenly, cannot catch time back meet me when he was stuck in
somewhere KL. No Choice le , only we two go for dinner.

Reach at the Restaurant Yap Eng (Dry) Bah Kut Teh


Dry Bah Kut Teh
Claypot Bah Kut Teh

Pricing : Unique Klang trademark price

After dinner , my frens bring me around Bandar Bukit Tinggi
look for another special and famous food nearby there. Me found out
that the place the full of people ( people mountain people sea),
stuck in traffic jam when someone was waiting a car parking.

Found out, there was a few shop waiting for me have a try there
and blog about it..

1.famous kopitiam offering cheap and big potion food
2.very unique kopitam offer the super value cendol
3.another shop top selling of "Ice Shake"

Luckily, when time back to my frens hostel at Klang there..
i meet whose aeroplane me d old frens
nice guys having UM medicine student is damn busy.

If not mistake , my last meet with him is before end my
Perlis Matriculation
counting date , about two three year din meet him le..


  1. @caryne yes....haha

  2. nooooo.... this isn't the famous bah kut teh in klang!! :PPP heeh

    speaking about dry bah kut teh... a shop near ridzuan's condo (near sunway pyramid) serves orgasmic dry bah kut teh! :P heeeeh...

  3. @agape which one the famous? thx.. sunway thr mayb find someday to grab it..

  4. hehe klang got a few places.. pandamaran (but only open for dinner), then near the railway station (under the bridge), or near bukit raja (the old jusco).. so yeap :P heeeh

    the sunway one.. i think the shop name is ah foong or something.. google! you will be surprised to probably find GPS coordinates for it too :PP haha

    enjoy!! (;

  5. @agape oo..yaya..i heard tat under bridge the before...but nvr been thr..keke...i try figure out this..

  6. @aroma - u say only... nvr bring us go pun~

  7. @engtaukia who aroma this?