Friday 25 June 2010

LCCT Night Visit

LCCT airport= Low Cost Carrier Terminal
Sepang , Malaysia

When time come nearer to bored...
some crazy action will be happen to those them in flush...

Night visit to LCCT , in malay Lepak Lepak
The same thing happen to them....but me is only their photographer
(four of them)

Night view of the LCCT not so terrible when all light is alive (on)
Taxi station

(always stay by at there when u need it)
Bus Stop

City Liner ,Sky Bus , Aero Bus
( all the bus line are shutter from place to place )
very convenience even at night
Food Court

the food stall except famous KFC , Marry Brown , Mcd
Starbucks , The Coffee Bean..what i saw it
Intelligent Car Park System

(When car paid out , turn green with dismiss the pole)
Auto Pay Machine

TIPS : for those who travel for many days and park inside the Car Park,
Lost Card = cheaper compare of full pay rate price
Tune Hotel
a step closer to LCCT airport

log on to for early booking

hahaha...the truth of this trip is pay a first visit and to be familiar the road
because somebody need back Sabah at next few days....

PLUS watch a Live FIFA world cup 2010 from there (in plan)
but end out with no a single live TV broadcast there pun
21 inch TV oso dun hv...

A lot LCD big screen show the live update flight schedule

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