Monday, 21 June 2010

The Karate Kid @ TGV Bukit Tinggi

The Karate Kid 2010 the movie is now showing

Yesterday sunday , somebody(refer to ykit) bought the ticket in the
early afternoon to avoid any uncertainty...he bought 6.45pm movie
with the price of RM13

Ykit , me , GYC
(one more (refer to Yihuan) is missing in the middle KL)

(plus the chair on the screening hall 7 row G3 is spoil,
force somebody (refer to me) is change seat n change seat)
until beh tahan go find staff look place for me..wakakaka)

this the movie not relate to Karate too..because of most
relate to the living life...How to treat people and people how to treat you

In the movie , not because of fighting but the spirit of the battle,
lastly , the KungFu not because to fight is for self defense

Rating : Nice

#Now the day movie all relate to Kungfu , WingChun , haiz...alot alot
all edy not topic meh..

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  1. its nice! jaiden smith is a very good actor! :D

  2. @henry yaya..nice actor jackie chan too...

  3. Mayb kung fu kid is more appropriate?? Jaden learn kung fu throughout the whole

  4. @chenlin hahha....prefer chinese kungfu random than karate tawkwado

  5. Please show me latest movie.I watch this more time.
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