Friday 18 June 2010

My Mind is the Scene of the Crime

somehow my mind is forcing me to update
and getting this invitation..guess i was so long time
din update for this blog..

I M busy?hahaha..not ever...

i can onli on9 while me work...sound good...


Many people like me is like to hide hide something behind people
tough all my thinking is to harm people..
murder people , snapping people , ROB rich person

which ever many many which can make myself
for instant richer...

including forcing government to put me on the TOP list

WANTED maybe some kidding on my mind..
not guarantee to not to be reality some day
if my getting mad or ki-siao...

hope this time can watch movie..long time din watch edy lor..


  1. Hey, i'm oso online while I work...and yes, it's sound good!...hehe

  2. @wyne ren hehe..sama sama curi tulang