Friday 11 September 2009


FBI agents (BRUCE WILLIS and RADHA MITCHELL) investigate the mysterious murder of a college student linked to the man who helped create a high-tech surrogate phenomenon that allows people to purchase unflawed robotic versions of themselves – fit, good looking remotely controlled machines that ultimately assume their life roles – enabling people to experience life vicariously from the comfort and safety of their own homes. The murder spawns a quest for answers: in a world of masks, who’s real and who can you trust?

from Nuffnang

waiting for another robotic movie,i like robot,i like technology,i like action,but i dun like horrible movie...hope this movie no disappointed me..from trailer,i get feel this is what i looking for robotic,that is doing something that is mankind cannot afford to do it,not able to do it, not so powerful to do it,but robot can...i waiting SURROGATES nw...


  1. Better movie entertainment provides on this movie and if any one love to see and waiting to see this movie. All I got to say was this movie will be out standing with its all parts of making and it will contribute well for the modern day thriller movies. The movie been in history of thriller and it was a sure step of success from the part of directors Jonathan Mostow.


  2. yaya..hope so too...waiting and waiting nw..