Sunday 6 September 2009

BIG ICE CAFE @ Damansara Utama



Peanut ICE & Mango ICE,
noodles, french fries with chicken

tat is my bill(RM9.8o for two set)..
with the promotion ,we eat a lot instinct eating ICE(RM4.50 each)

Location :
PJ UPTOWN, Damansara Utama

for me,tat is the great meal price attack d(RM4.90 each set)...
At Uptown there,seldom have shop have such lower price menu d beside this BIG ICE..
i glad tat is the great news for those who budget on having a great meal d...
tat is d place go for...fellow friends go hunt for it on happy hours...
rely not bad d..

remark : happy hours frm 8.30pm till 12am daily(50% on all food)

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