Monday 7 September 2009

Imagine That

Imagine That

too bored on yesterday,tat y go watch movie,although me din interest on any new on show movie,like final destination,kungfu cop and so on...when nearly counter,i had no choice to make decision on movie d,(choose from the movie on list number 5,tat was IMAGINE THAT..)..after watch this movie found out,this movie had a lot of meaning scenes d,tat worth for the ticket price..the scenes like funny act,stupid act,unreasonable act,unexpected act also happen on my eye in this movie.
the storyline is about a young girl and her father who was divorce and left her alone in home as usual..his father is a busy business man..he has no time to take care of him n left her alone only dialy...but somehow in a day,his daughter had a very special blanket which can know the future...which as luckily it can know the future of the news which can help his father for doing correctly future investment planning which cast a lot of money. after this they were so close within d blanket as medium..
after a week,the father get a big deal investment planning with the bonus of high post of company...he need a quick solution with the blanket and not care about his daughter and ignore it because of his busyness..
inside that,he is doing well on his planning and need to present it...when time presentation,he found out he lost many thing include his daughter,tat y he decide give up the job and go reunion with his fact tat,he was very happy seeing his daughter smile on stage while concert..
as a happy ending,his boss come to c him personally to offer him a higher post without consideration..of because he get the job by using the love method which he give to her daughter...(the boss feel that which such kind of feel can make him to more reliable to do well on his job) ...

remark : sometime give up something, will get more a lot after tat

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