Wednesday 2 September 2009

Holiday stay

got someone charge me one day room rental fee when holiday...even me is check out at12pm sharp..the reason giving is too late when check out on 12pm,the system had been lock out...helo,brader...if like tat me dun1 check out on tat day le,me can stay for one day oli late for few second oli la,din give me any chance at all..wonder , hw so efficent when coming to money case...other problem not c so efficent to settle it...
no money cant talk more in this world..i wonder hw so efficent when coming to money case coz it all about ISO certified d...nid follow procedure due to policy...wohoo...follow-cat i thk..rule is die,man is life(frm mandirin d)..."tis is not coz of money is coz of princip"(quot frm one person i respect owis d)

remark : Principe fill ur stomach?

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