Wednesday 2 April 2014

Arirang Korean BBQ Buffet @ Bugis, Singapore

Arirang Korean BBQ Buffet @ Bugis, Singapore

Hoping for a BBQ buffet spread? There always have choice for BBQ buffet. Today we are not going to international buffet, but for this Korean BBQ buffet. This restaurant can be said that well-known among Korea BBQ buffet fan. Wondering when is your last Korea meal or even BBQ treats? 
This is the traditional Korean meal side dish, like curry sweet potato, steam vegetable, kimchi, slices cucumber, and many of this. All this you can always ask for refill anytime with FOC. A friendly reminder that the main course is even better. 
Spicy Kim Chi Soup 韩式泡菜汤
For the main course, we got the menu list for us to order. We almost place order for the whole menu. Here we have from the main course, BBQ and dessert.
Ginseng Chicken Soup  正宗人参鸡汤
Spicy Crab Soup 辣蟹汤
Lettuce 生菜
Pork Meat 猪肉 + Spicy Pork Meat 辣猪肉 + Chicken 鸡肉
Bacon 五花肉
King Prawn 大虾
Here this show how we enjoy the BBQ very much. We does not recall how many plate of the ingredient we order for the BBQ. We truly enjoy it with their special mix sauce.
Grilled Saba Fish 烤鲭鱼
KimChi Pancake 泡菜葱饼
Seafood Pancake 海鲜葱饼
A must try seafood pancake. Its must finish it while hot. Yum Yum.
Korean Fried Rice Flour Cake 韩式炒年糕
A traditional Korea meal come with this fried rice flour cake & shredded pork. For your info, its look spicy from the reddish colour but was not spicy.
Korean Sushi 韩式寿司
Here we have Korean Sushi. Its does not look different from Japanese sushi roll. However, the filling look Korean style with marinate cucumber.
Deep Fried Chicken Fillet 炸鸡柳
Sauteed Seasoned Vegetable  清炒食菜
For the balance of diet, we order vegetable to counter balance our over-loading meal.
Sago with Watermelon 西瓜西米露

We end our meal with a bowl of sago with watermelon. We finish our meal around 9.30pm. A total duration of 2 hours was good enough to have this. And also buffet is the place for a group of friends chit chat and bond relationship with long lost friends as well. The buffet price at here is quite reasonable and affordable.

AddressArirang Korean BBQ Buffet
1 Liang Seah St #01-07/8, Bugis, 189022 Singapore

Tel : 6333 0025
Business Hour : Lunch 11.30am - 5pm
Dinner 5pm - 9.59pm
Supper 10pm - 1am (Last order 12.30pm)

Price  : S$ 11.90+ / per pax
For dinner at Fri, Sat, Sun and PH eve, every adult additional S$2

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