Wednesday 26 March 2014

San Low Seafood 三楼海鲜园 @ Taman Pelangi, Johor Bharu

San Low Seafood 三楼海鲜园 @ Taman Pelangi, Johor Bharu

This is one of the all-time favourite seafood spot for Johorean which known as San Low. It consist meaning of three Storey building in Chinese. Due to it popularity, there were several restaurants with similar located not far away from here. However, we had tried out one of the imitate restaurant. The standard of that restaurant is totally out of place. The best that we have tasted still goes to to the main one in Taman Pelangi. The only flaw is the poor service.Perhaps the restaurant is too crowded due to the fame, the waiters are extremely busy and thus they are slow and not really friendly in taking order.This is the poor-service scenario number 1. 
Other than the affordable and tasty seafood, most of the crowd are coming for San Low's  famous signature dish San Low Fried Mee Hoon. We ordered a plate of small portion for two person sharing. To enhance the flavour, a little plate of sambal chili with lime is provided.

San Low Fried Bee-Hoon 三楼米粉 RM6
The fried bee-hoon is really special and I bet you will not find the same one in other states of Malaysia. Despite no special ingredients added, San Low's fried bee-hoon is simply famous with the creative idea and the good skill of frying it. After the quick-fried in the wok, it was left in the wok for a while to enable the bottom part forms a layer of crispy. 
Asparagus 芦笋  RM10
Asparagus is always my favourite, the version here is slightly different with the special sambal. The asparagus comes with a hint of chilies padi and garlic, it is super appetizing. With the appropriate control of heat and timing, the asparagus still retains its crunchiness and freshness. 
ManTou 馒头  RM0.50 / pcs
Fried Man-Tou is popular in southern part of Johor, where diners normally dip it into the gravy of the dishes, to avoid wastage, it is especially good to go with chilies crab or Indonesian prawn. We were told by the waiter that the minimum order for Man-Tou here is four, but only three were served, But we were nearly charged for four Man-Tou. This is the poor-service scenario number two.
Shell Fish  虾婆  RM75 / kg
 This dish costs us around RM35, which equivalent to 450g. Shell fish is slightly bigger than the "Hei Kor" (虾姑, literally means the "aunty of prawn") that I normally had in Penang. In chinese, Shell Fish is called as "虾婆", literally means the "grandma of prawn". So the "grandma" (with higher hierarchy in the family) should have the bigger size than the "aunty" right? I like the cooking method with the salted egg sauce, split the shell fish into two to allow the shell fish flesh absorbing more of the flavour of salted egg. Not a typical eating style, but the thick salted egg gravy is extremely good to go with my Man-Tou.
Curry Wild Boar 咖哩山猪肉  RM12
Compare to normal pork dish, wild boar has better biting texture, reason being that wild boar has more exercise and running in the wild, render the meat is more springy. The quick stir-frid with curry powder and onion make it super flavourful and suitable to go with a big bowl of rice, simply appetizing!

As the prices are quite reasonable, we noticed that most of the diners come with Singapore car plate, looking for good seafood makan in Johor Bahru during weekend. Especially when the Ringgit is continuously depreciating, having seafood in Johor Bahru is definitely a good and super worthy choice! Forget about the poor service they have rendered, I will rate their food for 4 stars and definitely worth for my re-visit.

Address : San Low Seafood 三楼海鲜园
Jalan Biru off Jalan Merah,
Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru
GPS : N01 28.335 E103 46.488

Bussiness Hour : 4:30pm to 1:00am
Tel : 07-332 3869 / 334 3623


  1. gosh!! The shell fish and mantao look delicious!!