Wednesday 30 April 2014

Guo Ma Taiwan Steamboat 锅妈台式火锅 @ Jalan Besar, Kulai

Guo Ma Taiwan Steamboat 锅妈台式火锅 @ Jalan Besar, Kulai

Guo Ma Taiwan Steamboat is a very unique steamboat restaurant, and it is surprisingly located in the small town of Kulai, to be exact, at the main street opposite the police station. The restaurant is owned by a Taiwanese, the main selling point is the authentic Taiwanese style steamboat. To retain its uniqueness and to ensure quality is well-controlled, Guo Ma has only one shop in Kulai, without any other branches.During weekends, while people are still coming from all around Johor. The restaurant is super crowded with diners, thus phone reservation is a MUST to secure a seat.
Taiwanese Braised Minced Pork Rice 台式卤肉饭
Other than steamboat, Guo Ma offers various Taiwanese street foods.One of the most popular, is the Taiwanese Braised Minced Pork Rice, which is available on the buffet area enable diners to pick, choose and DIY a their unique Taiwanese Braised Minced Pork Rice.

Special GuoMa Sauce 特调锅妈酱
Other than those normal dipping sauces, GuoMa has created its own special sauce. A cardboard stating the clear instruction is put on the wall, but the kind waitress will still give you assistance in completing the sauce. It looks good, right? It taste good too!
YuanYang Soup 鸳鸯汤
We are given two choices of soup in one pot. We chose one for the hot and spicy soup and the other one for clear chicken soup. 
Festive of Five 五福临门
GuoMa has mingled the concept of self-helping buffet and ala carte buffet. To avoid wastage, certain ingredients will only be served upon request. For the first round of steamboat, the waitress will recommend to serve with "Festive of Five" which combines various fresh ingredients that are not available at the buffet-bar. Due to the space restraint, the plates are stacked up, not only saving the space, presentation-wise, it looks good too. 
Fresh Pork Slices 梅花猪肉
Pork are sliced thinly, suitable to do shabu-shabu.
Beef Special 特级牛肉
Their beef slices are great too, with the fat evenly spread on the meat.
Sea Bream 鲷鱼,  Fresh water prawn 鲜虾, Cuttlefish 鱿鱼, Mushroom 菇类

Dry Taufu 豆腐卜, You Tiao 油条, Beancurb skin 腐竹皮

Taiwan Dumping 台湾水饺, Taiwan Meatball 台湾贡丸,
Meatball 猪肉丸, Cheese Taufu 芝士豆腐
These are the items available on the ala carte menu.
Fish Dumpling 鱼饺
We are allowed to indicate on the ordering list for the portion of items to be served. Smart people always eat in accordance with your ability.
Items available on the buffet bar.

Our selection.
蜂蜜龟苓膏 Grass Jelly with Honey
水果布丁 Fruit Pudding
Last but not least, to end our dinner with their dessert of the day! I was depressed because each of us is only entitled to one dessert of the day. Anyway, if you need extra dessert, ice cream and fresh cut fruits will be available from the dessert bar.

Pricing :
Monday - Friday (only 3.30pm ~ 5pm)  : Adult RM22.90+  Child RM10.90+
Dinner, Sat, Sun, PH                              : Adult RM29.90+  Child RM15.90+

Address : Guo Ma Taiwan Steamboat 锅妈台式火锅 
79, Jalan Besar, Kulai
81000 Johor
GPS : N01 39.733 E103 36.082

Business Hour : 3.30pm - 11.30pm
Tel : 07-6626868

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