Wednesday 12 March 2014

Short Getaway To Club Med Bintan Island, Indonesia

Short Getaway To Club Med Bintan Island

Our short getaway to Indonesia get ourselves recharged. Here is the paradise island, name it Bintan Island which is one of favourite spot for island getaway. We put high expectation on this Clud Med resort which is well-known as the all-inclusive luxury resort. This is my first experience with Clud Med. 
We hopped on ferry from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Singapore which took us about 45 minutes to reach Bintan Island. Immediately after the immigration clearance in Bintan Island, we were warmly greeted and welcomed by Club Med staff at their front desk. 
Shuttle bus was provided to ferry us from the custom to the paradise of Club Med.
Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed by their music and refreshment. A short brief was given about Club Med Resort in Bintan by their tribal and introduce all the staff who will guide and assist us during our stay here.
This is our room for three days two night stay where we could enjoy the seaview from our room. Every morning we have our sunrise scene. This is really amazing as I cannot recall how long never seen sunrise or sunset.

We even have a balcony for us to enjoy the fresh air and seaview. We can clearly hear the soft wave sound from beach.
After check-in to our room, immediately we go and explore the resort facilities. Club Med is a place where you can spend you whole holiday in it without stepping out from the resort, especially suitable for men who do not like shopping trip. Badminton court, tennis court or even golf course are provided by Club Med, for daddy and mummy who would like to have second honeymoon without disturb from kids, they provided numerous interesting program for your kids and it is more than sufficient to enable them busy for whole day.

Club Med is not only the paradise for sports, but also paradise for drinker! Free flow beer, wine, beverages, foods are included and available for whole day at different restaurant and bar in the resort. The first place we  explored is their Waterfall Restaurant which took care of our main meal throughout our 3-days stay. Everyday we get to enjoy the foods from the routine menu which consisting various countries' cuisines.
The red colour bar was the place where I get myself enjoy much on the cocktail and beer every single time I passed by here. 
This is the place where you have choices either to do you swimming either in the sea or the swimming pool.
Man made waterfall fixture.

Want to try the excitement of Flying Trapeze? Coaches are available at every single point of activity, so you have no worries to try out all the facilities provided.
Deck chairs are provided along the beach for sun-bathing. As usual, Asian like us don't really appreciate the sunshine, but a paradise for European indeed!

The night life began after dinner. We went to the beach to have few drinks and enjoy the wind blow.
The night is still young here. They have prepared all show to cheer our day. Comedy show is one of the highlight of the day.

Here is another outdoor restaurant where you can enjoy not only the foods but also the most iconic seaview and garden surrounding. It make myself feel immerse into nature while enjoying the food.

Below is the summary of food I ate so many meal at their designated restaurant. Some food are good, while some are just not my preference. During our lunch and dinner, they provide free flow beer. We get to drink and drunk with no worries.
 Grilled Sting Ray with Chermoula

Japanese Ramen
Lamb chop
Kimchi Noodles
Sandwiches and fries
 Sautee Scallops with Creamy Sauce Served in Puff Pastry
Smoked Salmon
We call it the end after we manage to grab our last cup of cocktails.

Address : Club Med Bintan Island
Site A11 Lagoi Bintan Island
Tel : (62) 770 692 801
Fax : (62) 770 692 826

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