Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Siakap Kuey Teow Soup 榕樹下金目盧魚肉粿條湯 @ Jalan Kebuh Teh Lama, Johor Bharu

Siakap Kuey Teow Soup 榕樹下金目盧魚肉粿條湯 @ Jalan Kebuh Teh Lama, Johor Bharu

This week is to recommend another famous food stall under a big tree. The stall is just conveniently located next to Danga City Mall, is a famous spot for lunch during weekdays, and also a good place for family lunch during weekend.  But bear in mind that the parking space here is quite limited.  
The selling point here is their noodles with Siakap fish which is definitely fresh and affordable.We ordered two bowl of soupy kuey teow. It will be expensive for a normal kuey teow soup for RM8.00, but the one we had under the big tree here is definitely worth for the price, which consists of various ingredients.
Siakap Kuey Teow Soup 金目盧魚肉粿條湯  RM8
The ingredient inside is full with Siakap fish, fish ball, abalone slices, fish cake, and also minced meat to boost up the flavour of the soup. The texture of the fishball is firm but not soft, Taste good. One good point to note is their flavourful but crystal clear soup, is totally not oily.
The Siakap fish slices are perfectly matched with the kuey teow soup, the fish is extremely fresh, with a thin layer of chewy fish skin, many others may not like to eat fish skin, but I especially as it is where the collagen are. Other than that, the fish also renders the soup with some sweetness.
We also found "abalone slices" in the kuey teow soup, nothing special, but add in variety of the ingredients. Basically, it is really worth for a try and one day will definitely come back again.

Address : Siakap Kuey Teow Soup 榕樹下金目盧魚肉粿條湯
Jalan Kebuh Teh Lama, Johor Bharu
(Near to Danga City Mall)
GPS : N01 28.686'  E103 45.211'

Business Hour : 7.15am - 4pm


  1. I am not that much into soups but I think I wouldn't refuse to try this one - from your words it seems like it is really delicious. As soon as I finish reading this EduZaurus rating I will try to find some fish soup recipes close to this one. You inspired me :) Thanks a lot for posting!

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