Wednesday 22 January 2014

Roti Canai 华人印度煎饼 @ Shyang 详 Kopitiam,Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru

Roti Canai 华人印度煎饼 @ Shyang 祥 Kopitiam,Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru

Roti Canai, one of the famous food in Malaysia involving interesting making process by continuing tossing the soft dough. Whilst we always think that the process of making roti canai is Indian's specialty, a Chinese stall which selling Roti Canai at Johor Jaya area indeed served as an eye-opener. We were here early in the morning as we were told that their roti canai normally selling fast.
Just a little info about Roti Canai. It is a type of Indian-influenced flatbread found in Malaysia and Indonesia. Beside that, it was known as Roti Prata in Southern Malaysia and Singapore, and is similar to the Indian Kerala porotta.
Roti Canai is prepared by flipping the dough into a large thin layer before folding the outside edges inwards. The dough will then be heated on a hot plate. Flavorings or toppings, if ordered, can be added either before or after it is flipped, depending on the flavorings or the desired outcome. Salute to the young Chinese man who is able to make good roti canai.
Iced Coffee 冰咖啡 RM2
Cold drink is not encouraged in the morning, but due to the hot weather, iced coffee was our choice to kick start the good morning.
Teh Tarik 拉茶  RM1.30
And also you can tried their signature Teh Tarik where their technique of "pulling" the tea can beat mamak stall's. The foam on the top is smooth and with red tea's fragrance.  
Roti Hot Dog Cheese Special  芝士香肠面包  RM3.30
This is today special menu. It sounds so yummy and I even imagines there will be flowing lava cheese in the roti canai. After all, it is not the item that was in my imagination, I didn't find cheese in my roti canai, instead, cheese is within the hotdog itself, like those Ayamas cheese sausage in the market. Slightly disappointed for misleading me. But no doubt, the Roti Canai was great, the dough was not too thick, just appropriate to retain its crunchiness. 
Roti Bawang 洋葱面包  RM1.70
This is for my loved girl. She like to have fried onion. The crispy of onion bring in a lot fragrant onto plain dough and the egg was spread equally to form a even yellowish on dough. The thin and crust make it even better.
After our roti canai served, the boss pronounced to the coming in customers that they are running out of chicken curry as the dipping sauce. So roti canai considered sold out, they started to clean the stall. Be there early to avoid dissapointment. Other than roti canai, the coffee shop also selling some mi hun, nasi lemak and various kuih. All in all, I am quite proud of this Chinese stall and surprise by their great skill in making the roti canai. 

Address : Roti Canai 华人印度煎饼
Jalan Bakawali 50, Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru
GPS : N01 32.502'  E103 47.657'

Bussiness Hour : 6:30am to 4:00pm

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