Wednesday 15 January 2014

Banana Fritters/ Pisang Goreng Mawar @ Jalan Sungai Chat, Johor Bharu

Banana FrittersPisang Goreng Mawar @ Jalan Sungai Chat, Johor Bharu

Heard of this famous banana fritters for quite sometimes already, finally got the chance to try it out as my high tea. I can never imagine that a simple banana fritters can attract such a huge crowd. What is so special about their banana fritters?
This place is not too far from the Johor Bahru Pantai Lido, to be exact, it is just next to Thistle Hotel.
Fresh banana in bundles are the main decorations of the stall. I like their creativity. Cheap, natural and environmental friendly.
People was queueing for the banana fritters. I remember it was a rainny and cloudy day, but it does not affect people's passion over the banana. The crowd undeniably gives free publicity. It will definitely catch your eyes whenever you pass by.
Deng Deng this is the source for banana fritters, freshly delivered to meet the demand. The first time, I saw banana fritters stall need order such a lot banana for their daily business. I can imagine how much they earn from the business. I may consider to join them if I lose my job, such a profitable business!
My long waiting banana fritter is ready in a big basket.  Golden brown colour makes it look extremely attractive, can't help myself from buying RM 4 of banana fritters. It is sinful yet irresistible.
Banana Fritters (3 pieces RM1)
As I am part of Northern Malaysian, can hardly see people eating banana fritters with dipping on special mixed sauce, it is definitely not a regular practice at north. But I am truly impressed by the special sauce, sweet and spicy. It may sound weird to you, but is true nice. The taste is more likely open up flavour and make you eat more. The freshly made banana fritters are very crispy yet moist inside. A good snack for my high tea.
Nasi Lemak
We ordered their nasi lemak too, which is wrapped in banana leave, so now you know how "serbaguna" is the banana tree. The nasi lemak comes with egg, sambal and salted fish. forgot to jot down its price, because I was too enjoying the banana fritters.
Nasi Ambang  
Never heard of Nasi Ambang before, it is definitely an eye-opener to me. A combination of rice and fried mee, topped with salted fish and a big chunk of chicken. A very contented combination, isn't it? I made a search and found out that Nasi Ambang is a special dish from Jawa, Indonesia, by topping the white rice on Tampah, and surround it with various side dishes, like salted fish, fried mee, chicken opor and etc. Yeah, it invites my attention, so my next target may be best Nasi Ambang in Johor Bahru? Stay tuned please!

Address : Banana Fritters Mawar
888, Jalan Sungai Chat,
80100 Johor Bahru,
Johor Malaysia
GPS :  N01 27.767'  E103 44.474'

Bussiness Hour : 11am - 6.30pm
Tel : 019 - 754 9595