Wednesday 25 September 2013

Tampoi Laksa 淡杯叻沙 @ Tampoi, Johor

Tampoi Laksa 淡杯叻沙 @ Tampoi, Johor

Wondering where to get a bowl of decent laksa in late night, the famous Tampoi Laksa came across my mind. Located not far away from Plaza Angsana at Tampoi, the set up of the stall shows very typical family business, a simple stall stands next to a "New Village" house, but indeed a hot spot for supper.
This is the stall which overwhelming by its particular supporter who love their laksa, blood cockles, rojak and cuttlefish kangkung. Despite they are running late night business, their famous laksa can easily sold out about 10 o'clock, so better be catch the timing correct. My own experience is I visit them around 9pm, they actually run out of some types of  noodles.

Blood Cockles 汆鲜蛤  RM3/RM4/RM5

The fresh cockles are not offered on Monday (because fresh market is closed on Monday) to ensure the freshness of the cockles. The cockles was simply boiled with hot boiling water, live cockles are sufficiently cooks as soon as the shells open, to maintain the tenderness of the cockles meat.I would say the owner has caught the timing and render the cockles super juicy and tender, definitely not overcooked! Dip in the cockles meat into the special made crushed peanut chilies sauce, a finishing touch by adding in a squeeze of lime juice make the taste even superb. A very simple dish, yet truly satisfied my taste bud.

Curry Laksa 叻沙  RM4/RM5/RM6
On the other side, the ultimate reason I was here was to have their curry laksa. A must stress is the soup was fully immersible coconut milk, the flavour was extremely outstanding with the coconut fragrant. For the small portion, I got my goodself with a plenty of ingredient fill up my bowl. The laksa here is slightly different as they actually add fishball and meatball into it to form a premium bowl of laksa, every bite surprise me with different ingredient I found.
Kettlefish Kangkung  鱿鱼蕹菜  RM6
Last but not least, we also order their signature cuttlefish kangkung to end up our dinner cum supper. The cuttlefish was as crunchy yet juicy. Crushed peanut and the pre-mix sweet sauce was perfectly matched  with cuttlefish and kangkung.

Overall, I actually did not expect a family-running-stall can provide such satisfaction, home-cooked style of food and the friendly owner who passionate in serving good food definitely their strength and make them the hidden gem in Tampoi area. 

Address : Tampoi Laksa 淡杯叻沙
17, Jalan Dato Muthutambi, 
81200 Tampoi, Johor
GPS : N01 29.866'  E103 42.202'

Bussiness Hour : 5pm - 11.30pm 
(Closed on Wednesday)
Tel : 016-7204261


  1. Just realized that I had not eaten laksa for a long long time. But then, Tampoi is super faaaaaarrrr. LOL

  2. Not really. Only been to Johor once but didn't go to Tampoi.

  3. Wrong address... :( i followed ur address and landed at some kampung ..

    1. It is located at housing estate. not wrong.