Wednesday 11 September 2013

Sakura 樱花 International Buffet Restaurant @ Dhoby Ghaut Green, Singapore

Sakura 樱花 International Buffet Restaurant @ Dhoby Ghaut Green, Singapore 

Last few months, I was here once occasional for my buffet dinner. The location of this restaurant was quite unique as it stand alone building adjacent to MRT station. Its actually not really hard to look out for its location. Yeah, since I started my working life, having buffet in Singapore, for me, is definitely a luxury. Once in a blue moon for a Uni-mate Chinese New Year gathering, I decided to pamper myself with some good foods.
By naming it as Sakura International Buffet, so I went there with the hope to have a buffet with variety choices, but it ended as a Japanese Buffet Restaurant, rather than International Buffet Restaurant, my fat and false hope immediately burst in the air I walked around the restaurant. I still hope for some element of surprise within the restaurant anyway.
Sashimi Bar
Honestly, the food here was fresh and delicious. Despite the limited choices, the quality of food is taken care quite well, this is one of the element that I salute for, rather than putting hundred or thousand types of yesterday stuff on the buffet line. The reason there was acceptable for business concept.
Fresh seafoods are placed on the ice bed. Every bites of the seafood is a kind of enjoy, fresh, juicy and sweet! Superb!
The Sushi Bar was super crowded by people too. A very different phenomenon between buffet restaurant in Singapore and Malaysia is this, the restaurant never waste food, at the end of the day, there will be no food on the bar.No food will be wasted and go into dustbin. The management of food is good I guess, have to balance the desire of diner while avoiding bundle of food being wasted at the end of the day.
Hot Dishes Bar
Hot dishes comprises all fresh cooks to fulfill people desire of hot items, various from fresh fish head, beef, chicken, noodles, steamed taufu, cawamushi, mussel and prawn.

Beside the hot dishes, there also have some light food and handy snacks, for example, pizza, fried durian fire ball, fish ball, fish nugget, fried salmon skin, fried salmon bone, chicken wing, tempura, dimsum, seafood rice cake at all times.
Here below were all my intake for this buffet dinner. I'm quite satisfying and surprised that I still able to consume such a lot foods. The memorable food was the snowcrab on my meal, slightly regret that I only take one throughout my entire meal.

Cook and BBQ Station
The other best part that I like is their favourite BBQ station, they have few choices like steak, snapper, chicken satay, beef stay, big tiger prawn, clam soup, salmon and etc. Pick your favourite fresh ingredients and they will get ready for your the foods on the spot!

Dessert Bar
Last but no least, dessert time as last action. When the time heard that last call end at XXX from speaker, everyone was running like mad to dessert bar to take ice cream at the first place then follow by fruit and pudding. Just the time frame was too short, all the food still occupied my stomach, I cannot have too much of dessert at the last.

It cost me about SGD31+ exclusive GST. The price is definitely affordable for a buffet dinner, but the choice was rather limited despite it is called as International Buffet. Overall, I can conclude that it will be a good "Japanese" Buffet restaurant, as the quality of the food is good and indeed very fresh for sushi and sashimi. For updated price list, please check thru here

Address : Sakura 樱花 International Buffet Restaurant
10, Penang Road #01-02
Singapore 238469
(Its just located at MRT station Gate B/Gate A)

Tel : 6334 8197
Business Hour :
Lunch : Mon - Fri  11.30am - 3pm
Sat, Sun, PH, PH eve  11am - 3pm

Dinner : Mon - Thurs  5.30pm - 10pm
Fri, Sat,Sun, PH, PH eve 5.30pm - 10pm


  1. The sakura at doby ghaut mrt is good but other branches are so so only.

  2. This is such a good deal!!!