Wednesday 4 September 2013

Cedar Point Food Centre 食得福美食中心 @ Taman Century, JB

Cedar Point Food Centre 食得福美食中心 @ Taman Century, JB

It was a rainy and windy night, despite the bad weather condition, we still decided to head to this famous food court around Pelangi area for our late dinner. The food court is quite hidden behind some tall buildings, is very unobvious from the main road. People always said, hidden place has more good foods. I am quite obsessed with such a say and I believe I would definitely find good local food here. If you are not local here, you are definitely unfamiliar to the area, and for your information, it is just located next to Grand Paragon hotel. Different from other food court in town area, Cedar Point Food Centre has ample space for parking in front the food court. 
We were here for the famous pork satay, but there is another stall attracts my attention too. Ikan Bakar Sin Kee is one of the best grilled fish praised highly by the local. So I can't hide my excitement when I saw the stall is also located within the food court.
While the weather was not too good on that day, the food court was not too packed as usual. The owner was sitting outside the stall while waiting for customer, I still remember he is a friendly person who first greet edus when we approaching the stall. Variety of seafood from stingray, squid, lala, prawn to vegetables are displayed for customer's selection. If you can't decide on the portion and which one the bset, please entrust it to the boss.
Grilled Stringray  烧烤魔鬼鱼  RM13 
 Stingray is the common choice for grilled fish. The boss firstly place a banana leave sheet on the hot plate, and subsequently a portion of fish on the banana leave, grilled to the perfection. The sambal chilies spread evenly on the fish is one of the key of success too, not too spicy but sufficient to open up the flavour. With a squeeze of lime, it enhance the taste. A very good dish to go with a bowl of white rice! Nom nom. I am still feel nostalgic over the taste, omg!
Mixed Vegetable  RM5
 Mixed vegetables were prepared separately from the fish, which shows their sincerity. Lady fingers and kangkung are always good with sambal belacan. The flavour is just right to my taste bud without mention much on the dish.
The food we come after since last week, and we finally see it here-- the Tampoi pork satay. It was around 9pm, but the stall seems haven't ready for business. I just worry we will be disappointed too this weekend. Eagerly I asked the foreign worker helping around at the stall whether they were operating. And, surprisingly, YEAH! They were operating, so excited man!
Pork Satay 猪肉沙爹 70cent per stick
Satay is traditional nyonya food and normally made from chicken, mutton or beef. It would be a great surprise to see and to enjoy pork satay. But pork satay is really rare, I had it previously at Tampin and Kajang, now I going to have Tampoi pork satay. The marinade is excellent with a hint of lemongrass and some nyonya spices. Out of my expectation, the texture of the meat was tender and smooth too. 

Dip the satay into the peanut sauce, a good match. The peanut is grounded into very fine and smooth, with a hint of spiciness. Definitely will come back for their satay as supper in future. 

Address: Cedar Point Food Centre
Jalan Musang Bulan 2-16, 
Taman Century, 80250 Johor Bahru
GPS : N01 28.864'  E103 45.786'

Bussiness Hour : 6pm - late nite (Open Daily)

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