Tuesday 14 May 2013

Quan Yi Kopitiam 泉益茶室 @ Jalan Besar, Kulaijaya

Quan Yi Kopitiam 泉益茶室 @ Jalan Besar, Kulaijaya

At the early morning, a simple breakfast can boost your day up and gain your stamina for the whole day.  As a multi-racial country, we are pampered with choice for breakfast, no matter you are craving for American breakfast, English breakfast or local nasi lemak or roti canai, it is not too difficult to get them. But the old school Chinese Kopitiam always impress me a lot with a simple roti bakar, coffee and half-boiled egg. It is the taste of nostalgic, and wake up my childhood memory--those days we were easily satisfied.
Heard that there is a very old and famous kopitiam in Kulai, this kopitiam is also known as "mid-mountain" kopitiam by local people 俗稱“半山” 古来大街. The kopitiam look very old, without much renovation and decoration, simple set up with tables and chairs, and old-fashioned partition, regular customer never despise them. Because they make good coffee, throughout the years, they still maintain the taste and standard. 
Kopi "o" 咖啡乌  RM1  / Kopi 咖啡 RM1.20
A simple coffee enough to make us addicted, i like the nice balance between the coffee bean bitter and non-excessive sweetness. This is definitely a piece of art from the owner who accumulates experiences for years. The cup on the little plate, reminds me I used to learn our old generation to pour some of the coffee on the plate before drinking to avoid being scalded, oh my beautiful childhood memory.
Newspaper wrapped Nasi Lemak, the old school and environmental-friendly style. This is not part of their kopitiam delight, this can be found wherever they have consignment to the shop. I just took it because southern Nasi Lemak is unique to me from other part of Malaysia, their sambal is separate by banana leaf. Beside that, I found it much comfortable for those who does not really take spicy and can add on the sambal according to their taste.   
Nasi Lemak 椰浆饭  RM1.20
Not too presentable anyway after long time trapping in newspaper, and it is too simple with only sambal, ikan bilis and peanut. 
Coffee-making and Roti-baking in progress. This is not modern cafe with barista and coffee maker machine, everything comes from owner and family's hands and hardwork. The kitchen is just located in the front part of the shop, where customer may witness the making process.
Toast 烤面包  RM1 / slice
They offer two kinds of roti, either toasted bread or steamed bread. I like the thickness of the bread, which is just appropriate to make the toast outstanding with the crispy outer layer, and fluffy and soft texture inside. The normal kaya and butter filling simply make my day!
Steamed Bread 蒸面包  RM1 / slice
Steamed bread is good too, which allow you to taste the original taste and freshness of the roti. A generous slice of cold butter is hidden between the layers. The owner considerately cut the roti into 4 biting size, easier for us to share.
Half Boiled Egg  生熟蛋  RM0.90 pcs
Last but not least, half boiled egg is always something could not be missed out in Kopitiam. Nothing too special, simple taste with some soy sauce and pepper. But this is what my daddy normally made for me during my school time. While when I started living independently, I found even half boiled egg requires skill to make it, I always make it either too boiled or not enough boiled. Blekss~ 

Address : Quan Yi Kopitiam 泉益茶室
Jalan Besar, Kulaijaya
GPS : N01 39.653'  E103 36.262'

Business Hour : 7am - 12pm


  1. Hey now u are in Johor ka? No longer in PJ?

    Very tempting Johor food. If I chase BBWBS till johor will go find you :)

    1. @smallkucing Ya.. Currently move to Johor d.. BBWBS???