Tuesday 7 May 2013


~ Celebrity Fitness Malaysia proudly presents the 3D FUN Group Functional Fitness ~

Celebrity Fitness Malaysia is proud to introduce the 3D FUN Group Functional Fitness Studio, an all-new fitness concept in their Lot 10 club in downtown Kuala Lumpur, created by Celebrity Fitness Development Team. This is to improve human movement to allow better performance in daily activities, in their Lot 10 club in downtown Kuala Lumpur. 
The 3D FUN Group Functional Fitness Studio consists of many new fitness programmes such as the Bosu, Kettlebell, ViPR. Celebrity Fitness also takes this opportunity to launch 2 new signature classes ie. Celebrity Fitness C-Heart RateTM and Celebrity Fitness Hit BackTM.
Celebrity Fitness C-Heart Rate 
Celebs in ViPR
“Malaysians today are in search for a great fitness challenge to boost their fitness routines. The pursuit for the “fitness thrill and excitement” has long been the drive of many fitness novice and even, experts out there. To fulfill the needs and demands of this group, we introduce 3D FUN Group Functional Fitness Studio in Celebrity Fitness Malaysia” said Krishnan Malhotra, Country Group Fitness Manager of Celebrity Fitness Malaysia.

Bosu, which stands for “Both Sides Utilized”, will prove a class favorite for members who love challenging fitness moves. Here, instructors guide members to maintain overall body stability and body alignment through integrated movement. This programme is easily applicable to daily functional requirements because the human body’s everyday movements are in 3D – for instance, stabilizing one’s body on a stool while you are taking an object that is located above!

The Kettlebell is a traditional Russian training tool to develop full body conditioning as fitness. Those using a Kettlebell have their hands and wrists in neutral alignments, enabling greater endurance and longevity in the core lifts so that a much higher volume of exercises can be generated.

For whole body movement, ViPR would be the best option. Performing at the highest level with renewed sense of energy and movement possibility, ViPR training is a blend of lifting, shifting and twisting.

If you are new to indoor cycling class, Celebrity Fitness C-Heart RateTM is the perfect place to start. Its simple choreography is very easy to follow with easy speed sections and low intensity hills set to popular fun music.

Inspired by the current craze for self-defense moves, the Celebrity Fitness HitBackTM class mixes traditional boxing, kick boxing, and Japanese-based martial arts to music, allowing members to punch, strike and kick with the best of them.

“The 3D FUN Group Functional Fitness Studio is specially created for people from all walks of life. Some may like challenging fitness programmes, others may prefer a slow pace workout and yet others may even prefer to increase their muscle mass. Whatever it may be, we have it,” said Krishnan.

He added, “3D FUN Functional Group Fitness Studio is certainly a new fitness resolution where one gets to enjoy, learn some fitness moves and work their body to shape. In fact, other programmes like Celebrity Fitness Fast FitTM, Celebrity Fitness TRXTM fall under this group.”

Celebrities even swear by it - Henley Hii, Dennis Gan, Aenie Wong, Amber Chia, Baki Zainal, Julie Woon and many more were seen to experience the thrill and excitement of this new fitness revolution in the recent media review class.

“I’m so glad to be part of this new fitness program and I must say that it is indeed worth the experience. With a variety of new fitness programmes, one just has to determine what fits them – or else, I dare you to try them all,” said an enthusiastic Julie Woon.

Members of Celebrity Fitness have the privilege to join these new signature classes for free and 3D Functional Group exercises are also available at Celebrity Fitness Bangsar Village II. For more information, kindly contact Celebrity Fitness at 1300 – 222 – FIT (348) or log into:

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