Wednesday 22 May 2013

New Hong Kong Restaurant 新香港点心 @ Jalan Ibrahim Sultan, Johor

New Hong Kong Restaurant 新香港点心@ Jalan Ibrahim Sultan, Johor

I have finally accomplish my mission for having dim sum in New Hong Kong Restaurant last week. Our first attempt to New Hong Kong failed when we visited the restaurant in the early morning with the hope we can have dim sum as breakfast.  After we did a proper research online, we found that the restaurant only opens on 11am, this is an exceptional case that early birds like us did not catch the worm. So we paid our next visit for lunch on the following weekend. The second trip was definitely fruitful!
New Hong Kong has a very obvious and unique building where you could easily observe along the roadside to The Zone Duty Free City. New Hong Kong appears with clear white wall, red wooden door and Chinese traditional roof, a very typical Hong Kong-Shang Hai styled exterior design. From the thoughtful and exterior design, we guess they offer authentic Hong Kong foods and dim sum too.

The interior design is not bad too, with the feel that we were dining in Hong Kong, New Hong Kong provides several private rooms which named by Hong Kong famous town, for example Kow Loon, Lan Kwai Fong and etc. The interior set up is elegant too with the infusion of Chinese traditional and antique wooden element.

I like their service too. This is one of the best part to dine in big restaurant, where we not only enjoy the food but also the excellent service provided. I remember there is a foreigner waitress who can speak fluent Mandarin, patiently explained to us the menu and told us which items are more worthy. And I never have opportunity to waive my hand to ask somebody to refill tea for me, they act speedy and very responsive. 
Pickled Papaya 腌木瓜  RM3
They offered us two appetizer--the braised peanut and pickled papaya. We only took the papaya because we have only two person, we have to reserve our stomach for the DIM SUM!! So in the view that the pickled papaya looks much more interesting and appetizing. The young papaya slices were pickled with vinegar and some chilies, infuse well with the refreshing fruity fragrance. Just right to open up the flavour.

Now to showcase the selection of Dim Sum offered by New Hong Kong. The price definitely surprises me, it is quite affordable despite we dined in a classy restaurant which standard is on par with hotel's restaurant. 
Steamed Scallop Dumpling 鲜虾带子饺  RM8
Har Kau is one of the dim sum I never miss out in HK restaurant. In New Hong Kong, they furnish the Har Kau with fresh prawn and scallop. And as seen by your naked eyes, the har kau skin is so thin and transparent until we can see through the content of the filling. 
Fired Bean Curd Skin with Prawn  鲜虾腐皮卷  RM8
The deep-fried bean curd skin is very crispy and not too oily, this is also one of my favourite during visits to dim sum restaurant.
Siew Mai  蟹皇蒸烧卖  RM5.80
Superior version of Siew Mai, which the golden yellow crab roe is placed on the bed of minced meat filling. The filling does not simply comprise of pork, but also prawn meat I bet, that is the reason of the springy texture. 
Carrot Cake 香煎萝卜糕  RM3.80
Pan-fried carrot cake is something I craved for long time, and yet I could not find a good one in Singapore. This one offered by New Hong Kong definitely satisfied my desire. While the outer layer is fried to crispy, the inner remains soft and smooth. My tongue was surprised by some peanuts hidden in the carrot cake, make the texture better.  
Steamed Pork Ribs with Black Bean Sauce  豉汁蒸排骨  RM5.80
This is one of the most worthy item in the menu, more than five pieces just cost me less than RM10, such a good deal. The pork ribs is steamed till very very soft, the marinade with black bean sauce is a smart choice too, allow the pork rib to absorb the saltiness from the bean without much seasoning. The gravy at bottom makes me feel to have a bowl of white rice.
Crab Meat Dumpling in Clear Soup 蟹肉灌汤饺  RM7
Crab meat dumpling is one of the signature dish recommended by the waitress. I am impressed by the giant size dumpling size. The soup base is flavourful yet healthy, which is boiled by China cabbage. 

Conclusion, this is a nice place for authentic Hong Kong dishes, we saw some customer coming purposely from Singapore to after their Peking roasted duck. Perhaps, I will come back for the signature roasted duck in near future which I found the price is extremely reasonable.

Address : New Hong Kong Restaurant 新香港 
69A, B, C, Jalan Ibrahim Sultan
80300 Johor Bahru
GPS : N01 27.780' E103 46.447'

Business Hour : Monday - Saturday : 11am – 3.00pm / 6pm – 10.00pm
Public Holiday & Sunday:
9.00am – 3.00pm / 6pm – 10.00pm

Tel: +607-2222608 / +607-2223719


  1. I think I will like the crab meat dumpling in soup...always love a bowl of hearty soup:D

    1. @missyblurkit A small small bowl soup warm ur heart nicely..

  2. I can see some carrot strips in the carrot cake. is it?

    1. @Choiyen Ya.. the side ingredient on top of it.. U dun carrot?