Sunday 2 December 2012

Restaurant Hooi Wang 辉煌海鲜饭店 @ Taman Desa Damai, Bukit Mertajam

Restaurant Hooi Wang 辉煌海鲜饭店 @ Taman Desa Damai, Bukit Mertajam

My sister was craving for crabs and seafood before she going back to campus. Not too easy to find a seafood restaurant during lunch hour, luckily this Hooi Wang Restaurant provides it! Even Hooi Wang is not situated besides the sea, but they do offer some decent fresh seafood in their menu.
The classical outlook of most Chinese Oriental restaurant. Red lanterns are always the selection to decorate.
The logo of Hooi Wang, comprises of red and yellow, the favourite auspicious colours. As the logo shown, Hooi Wang is also famous with their steamboat!
Salted Pork Kai Lan  咸肉芥兰
RM8 (Small)  RM12 (Big)
Started our meal with some green. To make the normal Kai Lan the special one, the chef added in salted pork to enhance the flavours, a very good attempt indeed,  no much seasoning is needed as the salted pork is quite sufficient in that. 
Homemade Taufu with Prawn, Crabmeat in Abalone Sauce
贵妃豆腐  RM18
The homemade Taufu is extremely silky smooth, accompanying by prawn, crabmeat and abalone sauce. The seafood sauce was very well made, the sticky-ness is just right to cling on the tau fu and prawn.
Thai Style Pork Shank  泰式猪脚
RM28 (Small)  RM45 (Big)
The pork shank is deep fried till crispy, i thought the meat will be very tough since it was just being deep-fried (normally pig shank will be braised for long hours to get tender texture). I was so surprise for its easy off bone texture and the amazing crispy outer layer of the shank. And it is very rich in collagen, good for skin indeed! Dip in some Thai chilies sauce to get better taste.
Two Flavour Fish 双味红西鱼  RM50
This dish enabled me to enjoy two different flavours in a plate. Part of the fish was being deep-fried, while a part of it was being stir-fried. The deep-fried fish slices were quite crispy and goes well with the fried ginger. On the other hand, the other part of the fish was stir-fried with spring onion, presented a lighter flavour, but very well in retaining the freshness of the fish.

Pepper Crab with Vermicelli in Claypot
花椒冬粉螃蟹煲  RM58
The leading role for the lunch came at last! The fresh big crab was served with vermicelli in claypot. It is really a good idea to add vermicelli, allowed it to absorb the essence from the crab. Eating crab is always not an easy job, have to remove its hard shell before I able to enjoy it, the chef is quite thoughtful to break the shell before cook it, so it is more easier for me to eat without using hammer and tools!

Hooi Wang Restaurant is definitely not the best place to have seafood, but it serves as a good alternative when there is no good seafood restaurant during lunch hour. 

Address : Restaurant Hooi Wang 辉煌海鲜饭店
1257 - 1258, Jalan Padang Lallang,
Taman Desa Damai, 14000 Bukit Mertajam
GPSN5 21.915  E100 26.572

Business Hour : 11am - 10pm
Tel : 04-530 5814

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  1. Pepper Crab with Vermicelli in Claypot sound special~

    1. @choiyen Why sound special? that is my all time favourite dish.. keke

  2. his restaurant is not a recommended place at all. The food is nothing to shout about. We had bad experience dine in. Poor service & ignorant lady boss, the kitchen is dirty, and the food is poorly prepared. We ordered steamboat and there’s cockroaches on the table crawling and went on top of our food, when we told the cashier who is the lady boss but she gave us a black face and just took away the food! She just put in kitchen simply use water drained on top than give it back to us like its normal thing. No apology and the attitude like thinks they’re the best and don’t wish to do business at all! We ended up didn’t eat that food. First of all they are registered gst company, we don’t know about but due to they simply charged us the food and without give us the receipt so we request for receipt and she told us that we need to pay additional 6% gst if we want the receipt. Unethical business owner & food are inhygienely prepared & expensive. Never visit again!