Wednesday 5 December 2012

Hai Boey Seafood 海尾海鲜 @ Teluk Kumbar, Penang

Hai Boey Seafood 海尾海鲜 @ Teluk Kumbar, Penang

On a random Sunday, my family and I went to Pulau Betong to look for the beautiful beach and have a breeze from the sea. The beach was quite hidden and we spent quite some time to find the hidden gem in Penang. I remember, it was a wonderful evening, we were sitting on the beach to wait for the sun set. The scenery was really great and did not disappoint me at all! My eyes and my mind definitely enjoyed it, but how about my stomach? Where to cure the starving stomach? Being heard that Teluk Kumbar is famous with its seafood, we went there without second thought, seeking the famous seafood restaurant. Did not so much research on google, and relied on GPS, it led us to this Hai Boey Seafood Restaurant, which is located at the seaside.

Various live seafood in aquarium are displayed at the restaurant, pick your favourite seafood or fish from the aquarium for cooking. If you go for luxury meal, do try out their special crabs and lobster!
I was so surprised by their creativity and efforts in pleasing its customers! Aquarium with ornamental fishes just below the wash basin. Lovely enough with the colourful cute fishes swimming around!
Huang Di Noodles 皇帝面  RM20
The noodles was served immediately after we placed the order, with the unbelievable speed. The noodles was not bad, just a little disappointed with their prawns. Perhaps I put too high expectation on it as it is a seafood restaurant, the prawns were not fresh and the texture was bad. 
Japanese Style Stuff Eggplant 日式茄子  RM15
Distinguished from the normal Yong Tau Foo, the eggplant is sliced into extremely thin slices and stuffed with fish paste. This dish is one of their signature's and shouldn't be missed out. The eggplants have very good and crunchy texture while the fish paste was very flavourful too, cannot help myself from reaching it for more!
Fried Taufu with Loofah  胜瓜豆腐  RM12 
This is my first time for the combination of Taufu and Loofah, super like it, the beancurds were freshly made and therefore it was not only fragrant with the soy bean and also super silky smooth, perhaps egg is added in perfect it. Loofah does not have strong flavour but very smooth and added some extra vitamin C to the dish.
Hot and Sour Lala  酸辣花甲  RM15 
The Lala were steamed with cili padi, gingers, garlics, parsley and lime, and therefore the dish was very flavourful, the sour spicy taste was very appetizing too. Please do not waste the gravy underneath it, it goes well with steamed rice!
Kung Po Mantis Shrimps  宫保虾姑肉  RM15
The mantis was just too normal and there is nothing special to shout with.
Coral Grouper in Claypot  生煲七彩东星斑 
The most pricey item on the dining table. The price of most live seafood are assorted and determined by  market price. On the night of our visit, the price of coral grouper fish was around RM 25/ 100gram, so this fish with weight of approximately 600gm costed us RM150! Simply done with ginger and parsley in a claypot, but it was surprisingly good and delicious! The fresh things never need too much seasoning to make it nice, it is nice naturally! The flesh was extremely fine and smooth. 

So the conclusion is that not all the dishes and seafood are equally good, the Huang Ti noodles and the mantis were just substandard and I don't think it deserves the price. If you really wish to visit this restaurant, make sure you order their live seafood which I think to be more worthy for the sake of your pocket and wallet. 

Address : Hai Boey Seafood 海尾海鲜
29, MK9, Pasir Belanda, Teluk Kumbar,
11920 Pulau Pinang
GPS : N05 17.005'  E100 13.055'

Business Hour : 5.30pm - 11pm
Tel : 013 - 4881114 / 019 - 4791114

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  1. Oh No... I'm craving for those freshly steamed Fish!!! Haven't been eating those for like months!!!

    1. @ken Like months, I like a year havnt touch that.. keke

  2. all dishes look tempting except for the Coral Grouper. looks abit scary for me.

    1. @anne My fav steamed fish Coral Grouper, the fish was really fresh and taste good with simple condiment..

  3. Shame on the not-so-fresh prawns at a seafood restaurant!

  4. Hot and sour lala looks good. Not a common preparation too!

  5. i m a regular customer of this restaurant
    i agree with you completely that the live seafood esp carol garoupa is excellent
    however as mentioned ,the rest are a pale shadow to the star of the show-fabulous fish
    the cost of my fish is always around 200-300.wonder how you manage to pay only 150,perhaps they levy a surharge as i dont speak good hokkien hahaha

    1. @pacific the fish is weight by KG, perhaps u take a large fish. coz we mention small fish when ordered.. hehe

    2. nikel,
      i think we ordered the 东星班 instead of the 老鼠斑which is 35/kilo that probably accounts for the higher prices
      Beware of the various lobster and crab dishes as i find them below par and i would invariably get upset/disappointed after the serving which is not inexpensive

    3. @pacific Haha... must bear in their daily price.. Sometime goes really high on that particular day..