Wednesday 3 October 2012

Singapore One-Day Tour

Singapore One-Day Tour

Again, I was in Singapore for a day trip. Went to some new places that I missed out during the last trip! Went with a bus of uncles and aunties, so most of the place of interest are temples, food court and casino!! Ready to know where did I go? Let's go now ^.^
裕廊西聯合宮(天公壇昭靈宮、西海岸福德祠及顯龍宮)at Jurong West
Haw Par Villa 虎豹别墅 located at Pasir Panjang Road

The mascot of Tiger Balm

四马路观音庙 (Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple) located at 滑铁卢街 (Waterloo Street)
Had my lunch of Albert Centre, Bugis.
Shui Kueh 水粿
BBQ Pork Rice 叉烧饭
Muar Loh Mee 卤面
Singapore Laksa 咖哩面
This is the stall where selling the Shui Kueh which I mention above. Its a branch from famous Bedok stall. After lunch, I was transferring to Marina Bay Sand, Casino until 7pm and back to Malaysia.

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  1. Haw Par Villa 虎豹别墅 bring back my childhood memory of trip to Singapore, used to be the famous park at Singapore!

    1. @choiyen But now, no more.. the place there is worst than what i expected...

  2. wjat a nice place to visit


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