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Menya Musashi 麺屋武蔵 @ Isetan, 1 Utama Shopping Center, PJ

Menya Musashi 麺屋武蔵 @ Isetan, 1 Utama Shopping Center, PJ

The times was flying really fast as I'm only realized that this foodies gathering was happened just like yesterday, but in fact it was few months ago and I only posted it up by tonight! It was just after ISETAN 1 Utama Grand Opening when I visit to this little stall inside ISETAN. Yeah, for my reader's benefit, I am going to discover this new area of food in ISETAN. I was quite impressed because this little stall was crowded and packed  and have to take a queue number to proceed to our seat, but the turnover of customer was fast. Glad that I did not need to wait too long for that.
Menya Musashi is one of Tokyo’s best-loved ramen chains, and its founder Takeshi Yamadais often considered in the same league as Ippudo’s Shigemi Kawahara and Nantsuttei’s Ichiro Furuya. The shop is named after Musashi Miyamoto, one of Japan’s most legendary and revered warriors – he who famously wrote “The Book of Five Rings”. Illustrations of samurai with swords drawn can be plastered tastefully around the shop. Taken from cumidanciki 
You can easily feel the strong of "Ninja" spirit while sitting in the shop with all kind of "Ninja" decor.
A wallpaper with Ninja and the side corner seat. It reminds me my childhood with those interesting Japanese comics!
Master Chef Daisuke Yamaguchi
I was surprised that even their Master Chef looks like a character come from comic. It was so lucky that I've my chance to catch the master chef in person while he was in-charge of the whole restaurant operation that time.
Condiments to go with my Ramen later-- chili grinder and some chili oil on table.

Gyoza 饺子  RM9
The Gyoza's skin was slightly burnt but it is crispy, and goodness when it meets with the juicy meat filling in the Gyoza!
Ajitama  RM 2 per egg
I love the braised egg, the egg yolk was watery and fully capture my taste.

Chashu Gohan  RM9
Takana Gohan  RM7
For the Ramen itself, you can pick either one of the oils of your choice--Onion Flavored Oil (Shiro), Special Oil Combined of Fried Shallots and Garlic Oil (Kuro) or Homemade Musashi Chili Oil (Aka). I strongly recommend to taste their homemade musashi chili oil, don't get frightening by the name, it is very flavorful and not too spicy as it is named.
Shiro Chashu Men  RM30

Shiro is added into the broth, however, the taste is not too strong and did not take over the shine of the original broth. The light fragrance of Shiro allows me to taste the true flavour of the original soup based. It also served with a giant piece of chashu, covering the surface of bowl, so tempting!
Aka Chashu Men  RM30
Aka flavoured chashu ramen, again with the sumptuous giant pieces of chashu. It is a very appetizing one, credited to the aka which furnishes the ramen with some mild spiciness.  
Kuro Chashu Men  RM30
The soup based with kuro is not too thick as I thought, it is rather plain with some hint of sesame.
A huge piece of Chashu is served with ramen, which I believe the size cannot get beaten down by any other ramen shop. If you want a large Chashu on your ramen, definitely you need to come here. Satisfactory! 
Aka Ajitama Ramen  RM24
There was a gentle reminder teaching us on how to eat Tsukemen :
1) Decide your ideal serving size and place your order.
- Serving size for noodles from Naminori (1 serving), Chumori (1.5 serving), Omori (2 serving) or Tokumori (2.5 serving)
Important : all the serving size of noodles are the same price as state on menu.
2) Dip the noodles into the bowl of thick soup.
3) Slurp up the noodles from the bowl of thick soup.
Chashu Tsukemen  RM31
I do prefer to eat this dry ramen. It allowed me to taste their imported ramen in better way. Although the thick soup was extremely salty, but it just perfectly matched with the plain ramen. 
See how the ramen texture seducing my whole night! lol
They really put an effort on their ramen shop decor, even inside the bowl have the samurai! You only will get  the whole picture after you finish slurp the whole bowl of noodles!!
I strongly believe that EAT paradise will be soon a most happening area in One Utama, because you can find all traditional Japanese foods inside here. I will visit One Utama more often to taste the real and authentic flavour from Japan.

Address : Menya Musashi 麺屋武蔵
Isetan One Utama, Eat Paradise
Lot G102, F101 & S101
1Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama City Centre
47800 Petaling Jaya
GPS N03 08.910' E101 36.954'

Business Hour : Sun - Thu 11am - 10pm (last order 9.30pm)
Fri & Sat & Holiday 11am - 10.30pm  (last order 10pm)

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  1. Hehehe...the braised egg pic you showed is not as watery as the ones in the noodles wor:P

    1. @missyblurkit Yalor.. different lor.. but I still prefer watery egg yolk...

  2. wah.. u ate the whole menu there? ;)

    love their noodle textures but I find their soup a tiny bit salty...I would still go back for it... yummy!!

    1. @fooddream Yaya..almost full spread menu on desk.. wakaka... Their soup is ok.. just the dipping soup for dry ramen is kinda salty, but its good!

  3. I never try any of the ramen >.<

    1. @choiyen Fast fast... But I see u eat..