Tuesday 30 October 2012

Hoi Lau Shan Healthy Dessert 許留山 @ One Utama Shopping Mall, PJ

Hoi Lau Shan Healthy Dessert 許留山 @ One Utama Shopping Mall, PJ

A very famous dessert stall in Hong Kong where is a must visit shop for everyone travel to Hong Kong. This is a fact that I saw most of my friends marked this place as part of their travel plan. Now, a good news is that the famous Hoi Lau Shan Dessert is actually landed at Malaysia quite recently and their first branch is located at One Utama, so near to my place!
I personally not been Hong Kong before, and it really bring me a good news since I no need to travel far just to taste the dessert, save cost and time. Right at the moment, I tasted out partially of their Malaysia outlet menu. According to a food blogger who went Hong Kong before, the dessert only have 60% similarity taste compare to Hong Kong local taste. Anyway for me, this dessert is very good since I do not know how exactly the dessert in Hong Kong tastes like.
The menu of HUI LAU SHAN 许留山. I check through their website and compare back with Malaysia menu. I found that they are bringing in almost everything of their signature menu from Hong Kong to Malaysia. Seems to be great thing!
Pomelo Icy Sago 柚子西米捞
 RM7.90 per bowl
Pomelo Icy Sago without Pomelo was really a sad case to said. Although they do not have Pomelo on the top, but the taste remain good as normal one, very refreshing with the fresh fruity balls added. I would say the texture will be better if Pomelo is added. Why no pomelo?? The principle of "early birds catch the worm" applies.
Pomelo Icy Sago (Watermelon) 柚子西米捞 (西瓜)
 RM7.90 per bowl
Pomelo Icy Sago (Honeydew Melon) 柚子西米捞 (蜜瓜)
 RM7.90 per bowl
Pomelo Icy Sago (Cantaloupe) 柚子西米捞 (哈蜜瓜)
 RM7.90 per bowl
Pomelo Icy Sago (Coconut) 柚子西米捞 (椰汁)
 RM7.90 per bowl
Mango Icy Sago 多芒西米露  RM9.90
Hong Kong's mango it said to be sweeter and more juicy as compared to local mango. Well.. Almost every dessert which I tasted has mango inside and surprisingly all the mangos were taste sweeter then I expected. I started to miss the aroma of mango!
Bird's Nest Mango Pudding 燕窝布丁  RM11.90
The price is quite reasonable to have bird's nest on the top of the dessert. I bet girls should go for this as this dessert is very healthy and nourishing, good for skin indeed.
Silky Mango Pudding 香滑芒果布丁  RM4.90
Looks nothing special, but never judge a book by its cover ya. It is silky smooth with a fabulous mango aroma.

Triple Mango Delight 芒果神冰  RM9.90
The triple enjoyment of the mango on the same cup. It consists of mango pudding, mango ice cream and fresh mango flesh,  which provides different level of sweetness.

Mango Icy Crystal Jeli 多芒亮晶晶  RM9.90

Supreme Coconut Stewed Bird's Nest with Harsmar
The king dessert of the night, the most expensive stuff in the menu. A great idea to stew the bird's nest and harsmar in coconut, provides the dessert with a hint of coconut! 
Super Mango Mania In Coconut Juice - Red Bean
超多芒红豆 RM7.90
Mango Cube & Mango Juice - Mango Jeli
粒粒芒果爽  RM8.90
After I drink a cup of this, I can feel my mouth nourishing with all very concentrate of mango paste. Yummy!
Signature Curry Combo 咖哩什锦  RM7.90
I felt this was nothing impressed to me. The fish ball was rather chewy and the bean-curd was juicy. But something disappointing me was that curry was slightly plain and lacking of curry taste.
Last but not least, this is the only group photo shoot for the desserts on our table that night. It was so so surprise for us to be able to finish all these desserts in couple minutes. To me, all the dessert was look tempting and seduce me to slurp them instantly.

*Remark : For some items are really fast-selling, so better be there before lunch to avoid any disappointment.

Address : Hoi Lau Shan Healthy Dessert 許留山
FK - 107, First Floor, Old Wing
One Utama Shopping Mall,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama City Centre
(in front of Isetan)
GPSN03 08.910' E101 36.954'

Business Hour : 10am - 10pm

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  1. Anonymous1:26 am

    Hey I dropped by and I just want to say that you have are very good in your language. And that you describe things really well. Super passionate to blog :) Keep blogging. Will drop by again!
    -felicia from eeked

  2. I havent taste it yet as still doubt if they are using local mango..

    1. @soulesscloudy I cant answer you on this matter, i also duno about that.. keke

  3. woots! mango series eh! :D

  4. Have yet try this too, I'm too outdated T_T *cry and run*

    1. @choiyen Dont cry.. Go for this coming weekend..

  5. QC went down.....was nicer the first couple of months.

    1. @missyblurkit too bad for that..