Tuesday 28 August 2012

Tuan Yuan Taiwanese Cuisine 团圆台湾风味 @ Tropicana City Mall, PJ

Tuan Yuan Taiwanese Cuisine 团圆台湾风味 @ Tropicana City Mall

Recently, I was serious addicted onto Taiwan drama series. Most of time especially the actors are having the typical Taiwanese food like deep fried chicken fillet, Oyster Mee Sua, Minced Pork rice and so for Beef noodles, I'm badly salivate in front of my laptop. Well.. In such coincident timing, I saw one of my friends was posting up a beef noodles. I can't resist the temptation of beef noodles anymore and I headed for this stall and found good Taiwanese Style dishes. 
 A warm welcome by the Taiwanese Lady, who I guessing she is the owner of this shop.
 A very simple decoration yet fully utilize the confine space.
Apple Hawthorn  RM2.50
Sweet-sourish drink, effectively get rid of the spiciness of the "super spicy beef noodles"
Original Big Meal Beef Noodles  RM9.90
The soup is cooked few hours with beef bone and beef, and give a hint of herbs. Indeed very flavourful and goes well with the noodles.
Extra Spicy Beef Mee Sua  RM11.90
This extra spicy beef mee sua is really spicy one, not kidding, make me sweaty after eating. Suitable for spicy lover!

At last, all the meal goes well into my stomach and satisfied with it. Just slightly surprising on the selling price which I found that is too expensive at this place especially the target here are more to youngster who have limited spending budget like me. They should revised their pricing in order to maintain their business.

Address : Tuan Yuan Taiwanese Cuisine 团圆台湾风味 
Lower Ground , Tropicana City Mall
(Nearby to Ninja Joe)

Business Hour : 11am - 10pm
Tel : 012-9322396

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  1. There's one place selling very yummy beef noodles as well behind Jalan Alor! I havent blog about it :P

  2. wah make me wanna challenge the spicy beef noodle!

    1. @choiyen be mind, very hot and spicy.. i not dare to eat this..

  3. Expensive nih! I wont dare to go for the extra spicy noodles. Nanti i meletop!

    1. @merryn There is normal price for a bowl of beef noodles in shopping mall.. lol.. u cna try it with few reload of beverage..

  4. i wanna eat the extra spicy mee sua. hopefully they are at other malls too.

  5. A lot Taiwan cuisine in Msia nw~

    1. @xjion89 Sure.. for this fw years, all pop out sudden..