Tuesday 7 August 2012

A Short Getaway To Singapore 2012

A Short Getaway To Singapore 2012

Last month, I had been away to Singapore for a short one day trip. My last visit to Singapore was during my primary school time, I never step in this land again since 10 years ago until last month. On this post, only will have load of photo with Singapore landmark and the food post will be up separately after this post. My first impression at Singapore was a peaceful country and friendly people. Some merits of this place are their transportation system, which are very well coordinate and organized, every single point of interest can be reached easily via SMRT and bus. Although it was a short day at Singapore, but I still enjoy my trip here. Now, I will showcase my footprint at Singapore. Wohoo..
A city with tall buildings.
Marina Bay
Singapore's performing arts venue featuring local and international performances.
Noticed the things which looks like ship on the top of building?
It is a rooftop garden! Even Singapore has very limited land, but they are still insisting on environmental preservation.

Crowded with tourists who wish to have a photo with the Singapore Landmark-- the Merlion
The Fullerton Singapore
Heading to Merlion Park

Merlion Park 鱼尾狮公园
Two structures of the Merlions are located here and it is a major tourist attraction and a landmark of Singapore.

Boat Quay

ERP gantry
The ERP system, although understandably unpopular among most road users in Singapore, has helped to tweak road usage patterns since its implementation. The road traffic is effectively decreased during peak hours.

CQ Clark Quay
You can ride on the river taxis here to view the scenery along the Singapore River.


Resort World Sentosa
I took a monorail from Vivo City, enable me to reach Sentosa within 5 minutes. 
Universal Studio Singapore

Casino sentosa

Merlion Sentosa

Have my lunch at Food Republic 大食代, Vivocity.
Shaw House 邵氏大厦
working ERP gantry 
One of symbolic at Orchard Road, Ion Orchard Shopping Mall

Lastly, featured up what I had tasted roughly from the food court and hawker center.
Bak Kut Teh at Lot 1 food court, Chua Chu Kang - not as flavorful as local Malaysian version, but this will be more to healthy food, less oil.
Mix pork soup  at Lot 1 food court, Chua Chu Kang - It same as what I have in my hometown, with a bowl of Yam Rice.
Passion Fruit soda and cendol in glass at Food Republic, Vivocity
Japanese bento - Cereal Chicken bento at Food Republic, Vivocity
Very big portion of meal
Dim Sum at Food Republic, Vivocity
Fish ball noodles at Food Republic, Vivocity. Generous on fish ball giving.. 6balls in bowl. Nice!

Not to forget of my friends for bring me around Singapore, as they have been stay in Singapore for a quite long time. Hopefully, as I planned I will follow their footsteps to continue my adventure at this peaceful land. 

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  1. I think my last visit to S'pore is like...15 years ago? OMG!!! O.O But now the currency is so expensive, how to go T_T

    1. @choiyen I think now is the best time to visit Spore.. The currency is raise day by day!

  2. all the best in singapore !

    1. @michael Singapore same as Malaysia, nothing much different d..

  3. I love Spore because they are so organised and clean!

    1. @merryn Ya.. every tiny thing are also in well planned d.. so nice!]

  4. =D bah kut teh! yum yum! =D

    1. @henry but not as nice as in Malaysia... lol

  5. During my school days, a trip to Singapore was inevitable every weekend. But then it was so close for us to pop by to Singapore. Merely a 90 minutes drive.

    These days...as much as I love popping by for the shopping and makan, its kinda mahal. For now to save up till I pop over in December for my Standard Chartered run and CHristmas celebrations. Yeah...2 trips down in December. Must save $$$

    1. @missyblurkit For u, save$$ is not enuf, must earn $$.. haha.. Well.. Hope you have a wonderful trip..

  6. You sure it is a day trip? you cover so many places haha :)

    1. @andy Sure, is one day trip.. starting from Morning until night time.. Take MRT is an advantage to travel all the place, coz very near only..

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