Monday 22 August 2011

Spice Market Café @ Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa, Penang

Spice Market Café @ Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa

The Spice Market Café is an informal buffet-style restaurant that offers authentic cuisines from diverse cultures that reflect Penang's heritage as a cultural crossroads: Chinese, Indian, Nyonya-Baba, Japanese, Thai, Western and international. The café is right beside the unique free-form swimming pools, under a canopy of century-old rain trees that echo with the delightful sounds of chirping tropical birds.

At the entrance to the café you'll find the Spice Boutique, where you can learn about and purchase some of the most exotic spices in Asia. The boutique features over 100 varieties of dried herbs and spices, with varieties of curry powders and other ingredients for you to take home.

Once walk in the dinner hall, you can feel the warmness and friendly greet by the waitress and lead to your allocated table. I can feel that they have put a lot effort on their decoration and setting to make all the diner have a great dine in their restaurant, as dine at home.

You may choose to dine indoor or outdoor where place are more eco-friendly. Sometimes, there are birds surrounding you while you have a meal. Such a great! Remind: Guest to be advise not to feed the bird. ^^
Table of Eight
Let see what menu on their buffet spread. According to chef, they are rotating their menu every week, which means that there are several type of menu will be remove and replacing by other delicious food and not be same as you look on my picture.

Pan-seared peppered tuna with marinated vegetables and assorted lettuce

Seafood with Tarragon cream sauce / Roasted Mediterranean vegetables with oregano
Spiced Potato wedges 
Yabbies ( Baby lobster)
 Did you see this before? Taste great!

From the Sushi Bar
Chirashi sushi
Combination of salmon, tuna and red snapper sashimi, salmon roe, tobiko set on japanese rice with miso soup and condiments
 This is mocha ice-cream wasabi

From the Malay Counter
Malay style fried rice with prawn, chicken wings, beef satay, fried egg and prawn crackers
Baked whole fish
Deep fried chicken wing with Malay spice
Malay hot and sour fish soup

From the Chinese Station
Char koay teow
Penang’s wok-fried rice noodles with prawns, bean sprouts and eggs
Mix vegetables
Spring roll
Noodles station 
Dim Sum corner

From the Tandoor
Chicken tikka
Boneless chicken tenders, marinated in yoghurt, chilli, garlic, ginger and blended spices, served with mint dip

Vegetarian Highlights
Tomato carpaccio, black olive tapenade, shaved parmesan, mesclun greens and balsamic dressing
Beside this, Spice Market cafe is prepare some vegetarian food for vegetarian consumer. And those vegetarian dish will be label it on the menu as (V). Satisfy !

Almond lemongrass panna cotta with seasonal berries
There are four types of fruit juice in jug on beverage bar. Orange, Apple, Guava and Mango. This is self services and refillable. Great, I like this! 

  plenty of topping choices on ABC Ice Kacang (blended ice)

 All the dessert are so colourful and look tempting whenever I walk nearby towards it.

Pengat Pisang (Banana dessert)
 A very local and classic Malay cuisine dessert.
Chocolate pudding with vanilla sauce 
Candy floss 

Did you see i am very happy on this moment? Haha.. Yes. I am very enjoy on this meal. Moreover, all the menu on this brunch buffet is design to fulfill the theme of Merdeka (Malaysia National day) with 1 Malaysia concept. All the major food are from Malay, Chinese and India cuisine. It is time for us to celebrate our Merdeka feast all among Malaysian. 

More photo on facebook fan page

Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa Sunday Brunch Buffet at Spice Market Cafe - BUY 1 FREE 1 Promotion

In conjunction with 54th Merdeka celebration, they are offering an unbeatable 1+1 deal! Come liberate your tastebuds over splendid spread of Malaysian and ethnic Asian favourites as well as dessert galore.

Price : Adult :  RM80++  Child : RM40++
Every Sunday in the months of August from 12 noon to 3pm.

AddressSpice Market Café 
Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa
Batu Ferringhi Beach
11100 Penang, Malaysia
GPS : N05 28.752'  E100 15.295'

Tel : 04-8888888

Business Hour :
Breakfast Buffet : 7am-10.30am
Dinner Buffet : 6.30pm-10.30pm

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  1. I was here one month ago and the spread for buffet breakfast was huge and does not come cheap. It was complimentary for us as we stayed at Rasa Sayang for two nights. I had a great with the food reflexology and an amazing spa body treatment at Chii Spa, also paying a bomb.

  2. @nava Haha.. Nice to hear from you.. The food is really nice and the spa is amazing.. but All is worth for price.. Am i right? keke

  3. I think this is like the most worth it penang, but Y U NO in KL ): and you went all the way to penang for this review huh? GENG!

  4. @hilda Ya.. Very nice food.. Nope.. I am from Penang.. Right now is my holiday.. Keke

  5. It's a bit pricy but with the quality of the food ... i think it's worth :p

  6. @TZ agree with you.. Is worth for the price pay.. Nice nice

  7. nice ! :)

    still in penang hor

  8. @issac Yup.. Still in Penang.. Hehe..

  9. those Yabbi sure look delicious!

  10. OMG, are u feasting again, Nikel?? Love the shots & I like the presentation of the wasabi!

  11. used to be one of the best buffet at KL, but I never try before, now even never think want to go because can't eat much, not worthy >.<

  12. @smallkucing Hehe.. Ya.. This is my first time to taste it..

    @blackswan Ya.. Hunt for more food is my job.. hehe.. i like the wasabi presentation too..

    @choiyen Eat those seafood and dessert.. Nice lor..

  13. so tempting lah.. only thing is when I m back in Pg, all I eat is hawker... those seafood in baskets are looking super fantastic!!

  14. @fooddream I had eat alot hawker food.. change some mood to taste buffet one.. keke.. seafood alwasy the best

  15. nice wei. eh, how is ur dslr? buying mar? hahaa..

  16. @engtaukia So far no money get it yet.. other time lar..

  17. Wow, so much food to whack there. The wassabi I seriously thought were some Green Tea ice cream :p

  18. @thris luckily, not eat those wasabi.. look really like ice cream.. die die.. keke

  19. First time visiting your blog. The wasabi really looks like green tea ice-cream. Although a bit pricey, but got so many choices from sushi, satay and even dim sum. Saliva drooling.

  20. @diana Thanks for visit my blog... Ya.. that is so many choice of food too.. I not yet taste all out.. I will go another trip for it.. keke