Sunday 28 August 2011

Kalamazoo Café @ Aman Suria Damansara, PJ

Kalamazoo Café @ Aman Suria Damansara

Kalamazoo Café is open by a few fellas who graduated from Michigan and somehow they missed Michigan food so much that they decided to bring their own experience back here to Malaysia. This is the born of American Food here. Besides this, Kalamazoo Café is a pet friendly establishment, so you may even bring your furry-friends for a All-American dining experience! Just ensure your pet isn't noisy, too big or creating a nuisance to others. 
 A Big Big KalamaZoo Sign for the symbolic of Michigan spirit
A place that provide nice and cosy ambiance with simple photo’s hanging on the wall that reflects some places of Kalamazoo
 A bit of American style of dining which they do have like higher table and chairs.
 A place which you can laugh out loudly or chit-chat all day long with good friends.
Unique Menu design
Today, i am glad to buy this deal from Hahah deal for a price of RM25.90 to enjoy such load of food. And of course the pretty awesome Hahah Rewards Multiplier and DiGi Rewards it entertain me with more exciting dining experience, upgrade my drink and a free dessert.

1 X Garlic Bread, 1 X Apple Slaw, 2 X Soup of Your Choice, 1 X Kalamazoo Signature Meatloaf, 1 X Kalamazoo Signature Pork Burger and 2 X Lemonade for RM25.90 (Normal Price : RM52.80). Plus Hahah Rewards Multiplier which once hit 30Buyers, all buyers will get two FREE Kalamazoo Signature Brownies, served with a scoop of ice-cream. Again for DiGi customer will be entitle a FREE upgrade of drinks to Kalamazoo's signature creamy milkshakes choose from a variety of flavours! with DiGi Rewards
Blueberry Vanilla Milkshake @  Chocolate Peppermint Milkshake  RM8.90
Upgradable from Homemade Lemonade because of I choose DiGi. Haha. A truly American Taste which is think and tasty milkshake. I prefer the one mixture Blueberry and Vanilla which refreshing your mouth before entering any food. Or maybe you can try other flavour, there are plenty milkshake choices.
Apple Slaw  RM4
 One of the American style snack. I like this which a bit sour from the apple. The taste is different when is combine with vegetable. Its taste another way of salad, is delicious.
Toast Garlic Bread (5pcs)  RM4
 Nicely baked, its smell good once reaching my table. The smell straight away reach my nose. Cant resist it. Directly put one in my mouth. Haha.
Chicken, Carot & Coriander Soup   RM5.90
 Well-cook of this soup. Its really opens up my appetite. The carrot is cook till soft. Every single spoon of soup is well prepare from the kitchen. So, cannot waste it. I clear it as well. Hehe
Kalamazoo Signature Pine-Chutney Pork Burger  RM13.50
 Finally, a long waiting pork burger main dish is come. The burger are good. The pork slice are not too dry. Its still maintain some moisture on it. This is my new experiences of having this pork burger. Really good, will come back for it again.
Kalamazoo Signature Alex's Beef Meatloaf   RM14.90
 The portion of this meatloaf is kindly huge for small- eater like me. Haha. No No. I can finish it in minutes. Its grill to perfect, and allow is some moisture too. No dry and hard version which many of restaurant did, when they don't have a good recipe or skill. Strongly recommend this, but share with other too. One plate of dish can cause heavy damage to your stomach.
Kalamazoo Signature Chocolate Brownies   (RM1.50 each brownies)
Last but not least, an ice-cream on top of chocolate brownies which end this excellent dinner.

AddressKalamazoo Cafe
A-G-36, Jalan PJU 1/43, 
Aman Suria Damansara, 
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
GPS : N03 07.374  E101 35.715'

Tel: +603-78051436

Operation HoursOpen daily from 11am till 10.30pm except Tuesdays.

Facebook: Kalamazoo Cafe

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  1. i really cannot visit ur blog when hungry!

  2. @J Opps... Sorry.. hehe..

  3. wow.. good food. But the name sounds like name of a zoo. no wonder it's pet friendly.

  4. @jfook Ya.. there have very good food.. The name is abit weird.. but is sound like Happy garden over there.. keke

  5. pork burger?? nice?? always wanted to know which pork burger the best!! woohoo

  6. oh my... I want that meatloaf!! :D

  7. @eric Pork burger.. Hehe.. Nice to have a try.. not bad one..

    @fooddream I love meatloaf too...

  8. i wanna go try the pork burger!

  9. @merryn Ya.. The famous and delicious pork burger.. But they are closed this Merdeka holiday Yo.. keke

  10. ai smell pork burger here! hehe

    and appleslaw . . . cute name . . thanks 4 sharing XD

  11. well it certainly aint no zoo lol

  12. Haha..I ate so many pork burgers but I didnt knw they hv pork burgers here!

  13. @rebecca haha.. new one.. u dunno this..

  14. Happened to be on ur blog when I was searching for NICE cafe in PJ. =PPP

  15. @Jiayeen Haha.. thanks for this honour.. Are you find out what you want here?