Sunday 7 August 2011 Malaysia's Top Rooms Website Malaysia's Top Rooms Website

Recently when i walking around Pasar Seni, i saw an advertisement about on a cab. There make a clue of NEED ROOM FOR RENT?, beside that they also promise LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED. On the same time, i am urgently looking a room for rent, means that i being chase out no place to stay from previous location. I straight away browse through the website and check for details. Try some luck to find a cheaper room to stay. I am poor Wanderer  Malaysian ma.

I browse the site for an overview look. This platform really good in convenient for tenant nor Owner. Here have a very clean site without classify advertisement on the corner or the top of site. I like it personally. Every post of the room is classify accordingly to state and date. This make very convenient for searching. I dislike searching on the old post and make myself disappointed especially when saw a cheaper room, but it was rented out N year ago. Other than this, there are also classify all the popular/hot location for those as a refer price. As a smart consumer, you can compare the price within the same area, and not to be cheat by some agency, who mostly mark-up 10% or more on the price. NICE. 

Plus an advantage of the site, they have short term rental column for those backpacker, travelers, homestay who want cheaper rate of price of their room and nearby location. SAVE budget. Some of them are likely to rent for a ten days or more. If stay in Hotel or Motel, they cannot save their budget and even spend more on other unnecessary hotel/motel facilities. I found out, SOHO people prefer to have their meeting place rather than coffee shop to meet with their client. Ok. Solution come out. They can rent for a day of some room/house for their business use in this website. QUICK and Convenient choice. 

BONUS : This site is updated daily basic and posted directly from the house owner themselves. So, you will get the latest cheaper price and faster reply from the house owner. Don't get some outdated news and make yourself a disappointment. Have a great day!! ^^

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  1. yes i know about this and another related website is Have used it before. very efficient and easy

  2. @smallkucing Hehe.. All the website are so convenient to us..

  3. woww.. i never know theres this website...

  4. @jfook its just set-up, not long ago.. keke.. try it next time.. efficient

  5. it's the most racist website ever. dont hope on getting a room if you are not chinese.

    1. Thanks for commenting here. However, do feedbac directly to ibilik. thks