Saturday 9 July 2011

"What's your Story?"

What’s Your Story

The Internet should be a place where you can talk, learn, shop, and share without worrying about your own safety or the security of your personal info. And you should also be a good and responsible citizen of the Internet. As in the real world, you need to be smart about what you share, who you share it with, and how you behave online. But somehow now, the world has change, hacker born, Trojan come. This is a scam-ful for those are not well understand working of Antivirus is to protect computer and themselves (privacy). For myself, i trust most my antivirus because without them, i expose myself to world without encrypt is very damage. My money My fame. Its time to aware of important of protect themselves.  
What’s Your Story campaign is an initiative by Trend Micro Malaysia in providing the platform for you to creatively tell the world about Internet security and safety, and in the process, winning some cool prizes as well! Trend Micro is a global leader in network antivirus and internet content security software and services with focus on outbreak prevention and enabling customers to manage the impact of network worms and virus threats.

To know more contest details, click the flyer below for a larger view:

College Edition Prizes (12 in total)
1st Prize – RM1,000
2nd Prize – Titanium Maximum Security (3 users) + Samsonite backpack
3rd Prize - Titanium Maximum Security (3 users) + 4GB USB Flash Drive

Grand Final Prize (open to all)
1st Prize – RM5,000
2nd Prize – RM1,000
3rd Prize – RM500
*Winner or potential candidate may be engaged as short-term Micro Trend Advocate / Ambassador

To enter the contest:
2. Submit a video of yourself.
3. Get your friends to vote for your video till 8th August 2011.

When you submit a video of yourself:
- introduce yourself, where you’re from
- concerns about internet security
- personal stories involving internet security
- required ending script - “This is my story, what’s yours?”

There are three categories of which you can base your video submission:
  1. Being a Good Online Citizen,
  2. Using a Mobile Phone Wisely and
  3. Maintaining Your Privacy Online

Besides the contest,
there are also college roadshows going on
- teaching you how to protect yourself from cyber criminals
- promotions for internet security packages
- free virus scanning

Click the flyer below to see when they’re scan at your college!

This is my story, whats yours!

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  1. I have NO story :(

  2. @merryn Create One story..

  3. Sounds fun! Good luck to all :)

  4. @blackswan Ya. I feel that too.. Did you participate?