Monday 18 July 2011

The Ultimate Lasertag Challenge @ Laser Warzone, i-city, Shah Alam

The Ultimate Lasertag Challenge @ Laser Warzone, i-city,

Laser Warzone was born from the collective brainchild of several veteran Laser Tag marshal and owners. Fueled by our past experiences we are driven to create a Gaming Experience like none other. 
With our large and wide 7000sq feet multi-interactive arena, VIP function rooms and veteran Marshals. We have the capacity to take on any challenging corporate team building event, extreme birthday parties and massive world class gaming tournaments.

Check out my previous post when i had my night visit to i-city. Here . Last weekend, i was here for laser tag warzone adventure game. I heard a lot of enjoyment experience from my friends, but i never try it before. My first time laser game. My game experience is never try never know. I guess i am addicted in this laser tag game. Awesome battle, with no-pain like paintball, visible laser hallow, dark room make this game really excited. Right now, my head still spin all the image from the game. Wohoo. The game is much more fun with all the smoke come out from the top, create low visible view, is more extreme, where you cannot even identify your teammate or your opponent. Really cool experience.

There is two set of mini-football desk and Pool. Can be playing if you dont like too extreme action game which i mention earlier. hehezz

Here is the score board lounge which showing how the score of the game, and showing live view camera while the game is in progress. Quite nice right?!
Some light meal before we heading to battle field.
This is all the equipment of the laser tag game, which is stored in the Armory room all the times. Feel like going to the real battle soon. Full set of vest with shooting gun.
Some of the wallpaper inside the battlefield. All are fluorescent lighting inside the dark room.
Warning: don't wear clean white shirt to play!!
Before the game start, it has to go thru some game briefing for more clear information.
Gear up all the suit, and ready for battle.
I am ready!!
After the game, who is the best players? watch scoreboard.
After we go thru three battle for either team, obviously my team is loss. Here is the winning team.
The second place wining team
The champion team. Cheers
last but not least, a group photo.

Battle Price : member  RM15 , Non-member  RM18 , Students  RM12
There is also available party/event starting from RM40/pax, min 15 pax, T&C apply.

Business Hour : Weekday 13:00 - 00:00
Weekend : 10:00 - 01:00

Location : Laser Warzone
K-14-1, Jalan Multimedia 7/AH, 
Citipark, I-City, 40000 Shah Alam
(Behind of the Old Town Coffee Shop)
Tel: 03-55218775 / 012-5815287

GPS : N03 03.540'  E101 29.000' 
 The time lights on is 7pm - 2am.

There are entrance fee for RM2/pax or RM10/car once enter main gate.
Note : This entrance fees can redeem at selected food/beverage or entrance to desired light park

[50% OFF] RM27 instead of RM54 for 3 sessions of 
Exciting Laser Tag Game at Laser Warzone, I-City 
milkadeal will be running a deal starting from 21 July 2011 for 8 days

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  1. seems like a nice place for fun & group outing, the price is affordable toO! congratz to the winning team :)

  2. @henry Agree that.. Fun lasertag game..

  3. wa..a lot of new barang at I-city wor. The other days read they have got Snow House. Now this pulak.

    Entrance per car to i-city still that expensive night time ke? Last round i heard was rm10 per car

  4. this is like super ocool..

  5. reli happening ther ur life !

  6. @smallkucing Ya.. more coming at i-city.. be patient.. haha. The entrance at night is RM10/car, RM2/person.. but morning time no charge..

    @jfook For sure, make your own battle in future.. have fun

    @engtaukia No happening as yours la..

  7. Wow~ they gave out medal... I went to Galactic Laser Tag @ Midvalley. No food, basically just two games for RM30.

  8. @TZ Opps, there is some update that the food and metal is specially for private party and this is chargeable too.. Nice game for you?

  9. @ken AWEESOME.... Wish can have a game soon

  10. Looks like a nice place to de-stress. Congrats to the winning team. I must tell my son about this place. Have a nice week.

  11. @quaypo Really a nice place to de-stress.. Point and shoot with laser.. No pain..

  12. Looks like u'd fun, Nikel! Wish I was there to join u. Hahaha!

  13. @blackswan Yes.. Sure.. waiting your join in future.. Haha..

  14. Looks like lots of fun to me! : )

  15. @foongpc Have a game for it.. Nice !

  16. It was great fun especially when awesome fellow bloggers are involved :)

  17. @isaac Happy to play with u guys too..