Wednesday 22 December 2010

[Review] DiGi iPhone 4 - Part 3

Since i get this set, i has been addicted on this game
" I Will Yellow you"


Guide Yellow Man across 8 different unique levels by jumping onto platforms reaching further and further into space. Get up as high as you can while trying to attain the highest score possible (like infinity?). Beware though as strewn across these levels are booby-trapped platforms and items that will hinder your progress. So strap on a rocketpack or balloon to propel yourself to safety and avoid falling to your demise!
How to Play?
How high can you go?
Jump and climb your way towards space with the Yellow Man! Get up as high as you can through 8 different unique levels and attain the highest score you can. Be warned though! Strewn across these levels are booby trapped platforms and other items that may hinder your progress. So strap on balloons or even a rocketpack and propel yourself to safety!
I crazy play on it! !

Download link : I will Yellow You

There are few more Apps from DiGi with zero cost.
Get the DiGi Music PLAY application and brace yourself for a whole new experience in unlimited music downloads!


The DiGiMusic PLAY is Malaysia’s 1st unlimited music download application, giving DiGi IPhone users a whole new music experience

This application is an expansion from the DiGiMusic service offered by DiGi since 2008. And with this, we bring a whole new experience to our users. Users can easily access over hundred thousand Songs with this application, and the library is growing each day!

With this Application, users can browse, preview and download licensed music directly on their IPhone. The application also features a user-friendly interface that provides user with the best experience and assists them with extensive searches. Other features like ‘My Music’ and ‘My Playlist’ pages let users manage their downloaded songs and playlists so they can play it wherever they are, even without internet connection.

How to start DMU PLAY?
1. This application is available for FREE to download from the app store.
2.All DiGi subscribers may only browse and preview music with the app.
3.To enjoy full access with the app such as downloads and more:

a.You must be a DiGiMusic Club Subscriber.
b.If you are not a DiGiMusic Club subscriber, you can send On Music to 2000 to join DiGiMusic Club today!
Download Link : DiGi Music

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Enjoy every powerful and flexible feature available on the website, all in the palm of your hand.
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