Tuesday 28 December 2010

C-Jade Express @ Mid Valley , Kuala Lumpur

C-Jade Express 翡翠美食速递

Short brief about this restaurant :  
Refined food culture, only at Crystal Jade Culinary Concepts Holding
Established in Singapore in 1991. With its mission of providing superior service & quality cuisine, it prides itself in offering a total dining experience through delectable dishes, excellent service & comfortable ambience.
 [Source from official site]

Actually, this restaurant is famous with its roasted duck, chicken, pork and etc.
but in the end, what we have eaten not related with the signature dishes at all. haha.
Hot Honey Lemon

Cart Noodles 
(Curry Fish Ball, Cuttlefish, pig skin, egg, chicken sausage , vegetable)
Actually, i duno why it is called as "cart" noodles, its name is quite interesting, right?
[why? because real at hong kong street, there are lots of cart selling such food at roadside so the name from]

we are really attracted when look the menu, 
because its rich and various ingredients are mentioned in the menu.
the noodles is nice, like wanton mee's noodles.
oh ya, the taste of the soup quite familiar, haha, a bit like the maggi mee's soup.

Shredded Chicken with salted Eggyolk congee
this congee or porridge really shocked me with its big size.
for those who are not big eaters, the porridge is in a very big portion, seriously, it is not for one person.it comes with a stone pot, and it was boiling when served to us.
amazingly, it was still smoking after we finished the whole pot of porridge.
Location : C-Jade Express 翡翠美食速递
Unit LG-048 Lower Ground Floor
Mid Valley Megamall
Kuala Lumpur
(Right in front of Kenny rogers)
Tel +603 2284 8113
Official Site : Crystal Jade 

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  1. The hot lemon tea is good

  2. @smallkucing ya.. origin..haha

  3. @lisa717 yup... not bad to have it..

  4. Yes the name cart noodles is interesting. Like those funny names given to food in Hong Kong.

  5. @foongpc yup.. tat is awesome at hongkong.. one of the famous street food. tooo

  6. The cart noodles looks yum!! :D thnx for dropping by my blog n Happy New Year eve to u! ;)

  7. @caroline yohoo.. happy new year..