Friday 3 December 2010

Jipaban – My 2010 Santarina

There are a few things in life I can never resist – popping bubble wrap, adorable kittens, a nice bowl of asam laksa, and shopping.

SHOPPING. Ahhh yes, the mere mention of the word itself is enough to put a big, goofy grin on my face and apologise silently to my bank account in anticipation. Well, if this shopaholic behavior sounds familiar, allow us to introduce you to the best thing since sliced bread – the customizable online shopping mall Jipaban!

Jipaban is another one of our sister companies, and it first launched in Singapore about 6 months ago. They’ve made lots of shoppers happy in the past 6 months, so we thought it only appropriate that Malaysians get to enjoy the same convenience too, hence the launch of Jipaban Malaysia :D There are 17 online shops currently registered with Jipaban Malaysia, many of which you can only purchase from Jipaban. On top of that, you’re not limited to shopping in Jipaban Malaysia only, because among all the 80-odd shops registered with Jipaban Singapore, 39 of them ship to Malaysia too!
With Jipaban, you’ll never look at online shopping the same way again. Here’s a few of the unique features that you can look forward to with Jipaban:

1. Build your own shopping mall

When you build your shopping mall, you may notice that there are already 3 shops in there – Quirky Brown Cow, My Favouritees and Love, Bonito. Say hello to Jipaban’s anchor tenants! Quirky Brown Cow and My Favouritees are local favourites offering quirky and edgy designs, while Love, Bonito is THE crowd favourite hailing from Singapore. Do check out their storefronts!

2. Convenient payment methods

… select your preferred payment method, and fill in a few details…

… and you’re good to go! Now all you have to do is sit back and wait for your parcels to arrive. Payment methods accepted include bank transfer, credit card or PayPal, so it couldn’t be any easier :)

3. Egg it, smash it, wish for it

With this feature, when you find a dress that you’re not sure about, you can add it to your Egg-on list and let your friends vote to either “Egg-on” or “Smash” it! Alternatively, if you just want to share with your friends which dress you’ve fallen in love with lately, you can also add an item to your wish list (it could also come in useful as a hint for potential Christmas presents :P). If you choose to link your Facebook/Twitter accounts with Jipaban, it’ll even show up on your news feed!


Check out the video below for more information:

Jipaban also offers marketing support to retailers too, so all the more reason for you to give it a try :) Again, here’s another video to show you how it works for the retailers:
There’s so much more I could tell you about Jipaban but I’m getting really distracted by this dress I just found… Go on and explore Jipaban yourself now at! For more updates, you can also follow Jipaban on Twitter at and ‘Like’ it on Facebook at – there are over 10,000 ‘Likes’ on the page already.

Seeing twinkling lights, fake snow and fir trees everywhere we go, and that can only mean one thing – Christmastime is near!

In conjunction of Christmas here is another way to own myself or give gift provide by Jipaban
well, i going to choose one of the item from the shop.


Brought back for you specially, from the streets of Korea!
*Made in Korea*

Definitely my favourite piece (already kept one), this Gold LOVE necklace is very delicate and pretty, featuring the word LOVE where the “O” is a heart with a diamond! It is 14k yellow gold plated/white gold plated and is a classy piece that you can wear to all kinds of occasions. Very limited pieces in this collection so grab yours now!

Length of Necklace – Approx 16 inches in total length.

Wohoo..this is Christmas gift for my love.. i Think that...Hope so!!
Because it represent my heart to her..


  1. good luck! hope you can get your necklace :D

  2. @theeggyolk hehe..thx for your wish

  3. oh, yes i love shopping ~ with X'mas around the corner ~ i will be busy going round the malls :)

  4. @bite2 haha.. buy it when is on YES malaysia sale

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