Thursday 9 September 2010

Resident Evil 3D @ GSC Mid Valley

Premiere Screening
Date : 8 Sep 10 (Wednesday)
Time : 9.30pm
Venue : GSC Mid Valley

my previous blog on this ==>> GREAT

I am so lucky today... My first time to watch movie in 3D
thanks SONY and Nuffnang for this chance .. not forget about GSC too.
Blogger gang found out me although i always in low profile mode.
very shock when Jayleo said that he already recognize me
since last few event along with engtaukia

this time , middle three row are occupied by the gang blogger
and the most noisy in the cinema hall .
*thanks for shiiteck collect my ticket and many many
Movie was great , and mention again this is my first time 3D show
maybe my comment is not so close to you.
I found out 3D effect is wonderful and sound effect is perfect match
with all scenes make you are crazy plus shock ( guarantee not scary )

All motion effect is too similar to Matrix movie , slow motion
with all view of scenes and in improve way of 3D motion

All bullet fire in front of your eye and can catch it by yours hand
to stop it as well ...hahaz...

and more on jumping shot , blast shot , plane crash n etc...

Movie Still

Cute two face Dog

*the 3D glass is not comfortable for those spectacular like me


  1. wow it sounds awesome to me.

  2. @hilda this is on all screen in this friday... go catch before it fully booked..

  3. can't wait to watch this movie here. :)

  4. @joseph can watch it anytime from 2night mid night show..keke

  5. Haha..this movie definetely is a must to wacth!^^

  6. @maxloon u put in ur movie list edy? hahaha

  7. Yup, hahah.. my friends and i had agree to wacth this together. Hopefully this movie won't dissapoint us...

  8. @maxloon sure nt disappoint .. is great movie ...