Monday 27 September 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

iPhone 4 my life

" life is hard , iPhone is lite ; life with iPhone , easy for life"

Everything passing me just in a second because i m fast in motion overlook
but me not let it gone again this time
when searching of iPhone 4 on this months all around Malaysia

Starting from today, will look details what is beside me?

iPhone inside toilet bowl?
iPhone inside drainage?
iPhone inside other bag?
iPhone inside my pocket?
iPhone in my wallet?

i probably will gone with DiGi the smarter choice to claim it
My life is easy with DiGi
with simple plan and single rate
of course , even faster internet.

DiGi iPhone can do what?

iPhone can play game
iPhone can call sms video call
iPhone can take HQ photo HD video
iPhone can make me like easy with apps
iPhone can store my data in high capacity 32GB
iPhone can compact my current phone into slim and powerful
iPhone can searching everything beside me fast and detailing information

What can i say to DiGi iPhone?

You is the best!

Access to Digi iPhone >> Here

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