Thursday 2 September 2010

Fatty Duck , Restaurant Ok @ SS2 , Taman Bahagia

SS2 Fatty Duck 卤鸭肥
Teo Chew Stewed Duck

Famous Stewed Duck in town

As a Teo Chew Blogger , i sure support Teo Chew food as well
its taste almost the same with my hometown food
Luckily here can find a shop like this before
i turn to become fast food hunter..kekez
What i can said about is Cheaper and less people
unlike other shop at Seapark Paramount there , crowded and expensive
sometimes take me hours to wait for a seat..

Anyway , the taste is equivalent with those expensive one.

So said , please try this rather than expensive one .
Pickles 咸菜
Duck meat 鸭肉Chitterlings 猪小肠
perfect match with the oily rice

Address :
Fatty Duck
Restaurant Okay
Jalan SS2/10 ,
Taman Bahagia ,
47300 Petaling Jaya

( same as Thursday pasar malam venue)


  1. food looks great! really fatty duck haha.

  2. @chris the name funny n attractive..hehe..same with the food too

  3. nice food~~but, the pig thingy, a bit~~~

  4. @xjion89 try it next time lar...not bad or geli at all..keke

  5. Looks nice and delicous! Hm, but is at Pj..Btw, do u ever eat "Kueh Chap" before?

  6. @maxloon120 ya.kueh chap is famous at my hometown..