Tuesday 16 February 2010

Woohoo @ TGV Seberang Perai

大日子 Woohoo
MY FM & ASTRO joint movie

this movie has been extend its showing date to 17/2
luckily i still manage to watch before its release
why i so late? because buy no ticket at KL there lor
Response is too hot , back to hometown here just available ticket for me

#last night show was FULL, old and young all got
#found out nowadays Old generation like to watch movie too..
is another trade now..kekeke
This movie is so so localized ( Hope Mr Huang will like it)
Bring out a lot Malaysian non-KL outstation people life
Penang slang ( Proud to be Penang-kia)
also another local Malaysian slang
beside of One Malaysia Theme
different race also know how to play Chinese chess...

hahaha...Woohoo舞虎 one of oblivion tradition game
but now is become a new trend dy..hooray..
good job

I like most is the Full HD recording on this movie
color is fine , sharp and reality expected
Even ordinary non famous landscape become a nice view
Look alike capture at another country

Improving Malaysia Movie , it can beat Jack Neo Movie one a day

nice wallapaper from


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