Monday 8 February 2010

Good News to All Property Owners and Property Owner-to-be

Kuala Lumpur Twin Tower , Malaysia

tallest twin tower in world

10 years ago, the ruling of the landmark case in land and property law, Boonsom Bonyanit v Adorna Properties had apparently caused many landowners to lose their properties to forgers. Due to the wrong interpretation of section 340(2) made by the Federal Court 10 years ago, it had caused opportunities for those unscrupulous people to take advantages by falsely transferring titles to themselves.

However, justice never comes too late. Mrs. Boonsom Boonyanit finally can rest in peace after the bad law and the bad decision had been overruled recently. The decision in the latest case on 21st January 2010 has provided a better protection for property owners. The judges in the case of Tan Yin Hong v RHB bank has restated the law since the error committed in Adorna Properties.

It is certainly good and great news to all property owners and for those who ready to get themselves a property. Their ownerships and titles come to a more secured position than before. It is the great time for those who dream to have their own house to grab the golden opportunity. Financing for your property assets is one of the best lesser known tools of leverage which can increase your net worth. To own a house is no longer a dream or illusion and now everyone can have your own dream house easily. In Malaysia, the house owners only have to come up with a minimum of 10% or even less of the purchase price and the balance can be financed by the banks.

Stop feel envious looking at the big and luxurious houses possessed by others. Don’t hesitate to get yourself a home belongs to you and the loved one.

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  1. Time to buy house... interest rates up up soon.

  2. @quirky yalor..pertol rise all price rise..

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