Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Little Big Soldier @ TGV Seberang Perai

大兵小蒋 The Little Big Soldier
TGV Seberang Perai

During CNY first day , saw crowd inside the shopping mall
even the cinema, maybe is this year the weather is too hot or
with another reason lei...
such escaping from giving angpow (red packet).....etc

is comedy story about a little soldier meet an Jeneral ( Princes)
small soldier with small hope , big general with big hope

actually , this is not a big production movie,
is just a small normal story movie about an ancient war

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  1. lucky its wangleehom instead of jay chou hehehe

  2. @quirky ya lor..but heard tat movie oso not bad wor..

  3. it's fun when jackie chan is acting..hehe must watch this movie :)

  4. @FIT hehe..is funny dialog..

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