Wednesday 1 November 2017

Hai Di Lao 海底捞火锅 @ Vivocity, Singapore

Hai Di Lao 海底捞火锅@ Vivocity, Singapore

Hai Di Lao steamboat is originated from China, but has been expanding its business territory to many other countries around the world. Hai Di Lao has been the leader and benchmark of premium steamboat among the competitors of the same trade for many years, and it is definitely deserved its fame and reputation. While Hai Di Lao is not available in Malaysia, the nearest place to enjoy the premium steamboat would be our neighbour land -- Singapore. There are several branches in Singapore, but almost every outlets are packed with patrons at all times.  

So what is so special about their steamboat which makes patrons willing to queue up for hours? You may think that it is just another trend and will fade over the time. To me and many other patrons who have visited Hai Di Lao, it is actually due to the premium food quality and their tip top service. 

Before even starting your steamboat session in the restaurant, patrons get to enjoy their service. There is a waiting area outside the restaurant, which provides free flow foods and drinks while waiting for your queue number. Manicure service is also available free of charge. 

When you are seated, ladies will be given a rubber band to tie up hair and each of us gets a handphone cover, so that we can still use our handphone while enjoying the steamboat. The waiter and waitress are friendly and answer to patrons' request speedily. 

We opted for the mixed pot with four flavours, i.e. herbal chicken soup, mushroom stock, pickled vegetable soup and tomato soup. 

There are several choices for sauce and condiments too. The patrons can perform their own mix and match at the condiments bar.

There is also a snack bar, which patrons can start off the meal with some China local delicacies.

Pumpkin pancake is one of the signature desserts, which has sticky texture. The sweetness is just right to our taste.

Sliced beef is a must for steamboat.

Seafood balls made of fresh seafood and fish roe. 

Fresh fish slices.

Vegetable platter.

The overall dining experience is pleasant although the price is slightly on the high side, the cozy dining environment and high quality ingredients definitely worth the price and our re-visits in near future.

Address : Hai Di Lao 海底捞火锅
Vivocity #03-09 1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585

Tel: +65 6250 7557 / +65 6250 7667

Business Hours: 10:30am – 6am


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