Wednesday 6 November 2013

Saun Sam Rarn Restaurant 梨珍园饭店 @ Haadyai, Thailand

Saun Sam Rarn Restaurant 梨珍园饭店 @ Haadyai, Thailand

This was our last night at Hatyai. So we decided to have the best one in Thailand before we go back. The grand dinner happen in middle of Hatyai, with walking distance from Lee Garden Residences or you may take a Tuk-Tuk ride to reach the restaurant with the map provided below.  
Before we started with the main course, we were provided their signature sauce, comprising chili padi, garlic, lime juice and honey, typical thai flavour and super appetizing. Without further delay, the all time local favourite, Som Tam (Thai Style Salad) kick starts the dinner.
The first dish served : Som Tam (Thai Style Salad). With cashew nut and dry shrimp added, it taste extremely crunchy and crispy. Shredded pineapple is spread evenly in the salad, provides some refreshing and fruit aroma to the dish.
The second dish served : Petai with big fresh prawn. Petai is really an ingredient which hard to please everyone, but definitely one of my favourite dish. I like petai cook in this way with sambal belacan and big fresh prawn. The moderate spicyness to compensate the bitter taste from petai itself and still retain its freshness. 
The third dish on table : Deep Fried Kailan with salted fish. I notice that salted fish was quite common and well recommend among all restaurant. Preserved food is not good for health, but definitely a good seasoning to the green.
The fourth dish served : Deep Fried Seabass with Thai Spicy Sauce. A big fish with almost 2kg was deep-fried until crispy. The spicy Thai sauce matched perfectly with the fish, sufficiently for me to swallow one big bowl of rice. Despite it was deep-fried and covered with big portion of chili sauce, I still able to taste the freshness of the fish. Its taste will be better if it was steamed, but the steam style definitely not the favourite of Thai.
The fifth dish served : Braised Pork Trotter. Anyhow, this is our second pork trotter during the whole trip. But it just simply too delicious that we wipe clean of the plate. The pork trotter was deep fried before put to braise. So the texture is slightly better and the skin will not easily smashed even with long time cooking. The braising gravy is thick and flavourful and the meat is off-bone soft and tender. 
The sixth dish served : Hot Plate Fried Oyster. The oyster was simply huge and even bigger than our old 50 cents coin. The food presentation not very good, but the taste was really good to satisfy oyster lover. The huge oyster is juicy and tasty with egg. The Thai version is slightly different from the local O-chien we had, as it was not dry and crispy but with certain moisture remained.
The seventh dishes served : Fish head soup in charcoal bowl. The soup was double-boiled with yam and fish bone which boost up the flavour and provide extreme sweetness to the soup. Fish head was cut into pieces and deep-fried before putting into the soup, so the fish remained in chunk and easy for us to take. 
The last dish served : Deep fried meat ball. Basically, it is a minced pork wrapped in beancurb skin and send for deep fried after all. To accommodate the local flavour, it taste slightly spicy, but it still acceptable to my level. For me, I still prefer it to go together with Chang Beer, the local favourite beer. Good finger food!
This is the name of the restaurant. For those who may not communicate well with local Tuk-Tuk driver, can show the restaurant name or the location map (see below) to them, perhaps they will know where this restaurant located. Say Cheer to big feast!

Address : Saun Sam Rarn Restaurant 梨珍园饭店
143, Niphat Uthit 2 Road,
Haadyai, South Thailand
Bussiness Hour : 11am - 9pm (local time)
Tel : (074) 243660 / 244415 / 081-9597355


  1. i like som tam because of the cashew nut only! haha

    1. @henry Why dont u said u like cashew nut? lol

  2. Oh.. feeling more n more hungry while looking at your post.

  3. I remeber we tried deep fried Kailan with salted fish on a trip with Study Abroad consultant for United Kingdom back in 2020. Good memories. :) <3