Wednesday 27 November 2013

Roslin Beriani House @ Kebun Teh, Johor Bharu

Roslin Beriani House @ Kebun Teh, Johor Bharu

This is one of the famous Nasi Beriani in Johor Bahru. Its strategically located at Taman Kebun Teh, where in the middle of the way to town from Tampoi and Larkin area and also a by-pass from Tebrau Highway. This restaurant was recommended by a Malay friend and allegedly to be crowded during lunch hour. So we deemed ourselves to be "clever" to visit off-lunch-hour. And so, the "clever-us" only left with one choice of nasi beriani--beef beriani. The waiter's facial expression telling us either take it or leave it, ermmm.. to avoid we back with empty hand, we ordered nasi beriani with beef rendang for two.
I never had a proper nasi beriani in a Malay restaurant, so I was quite surprised on how they serve the food.  Before the nasi beriani was served, we actually have the side dishes on table first, which consist of acar buah , cooked pineapple slices, few crispy chips and a bowl of curry gravy (kuah). All the side dishes will be charged accordingly if you want extra.
Acar Buah  RM2
As we thought an acar buah in red colour will be hot and spicy, we were totally wrong!! It is sweet and sour, the Acar Buah is excellent, one little piece is sufficient to open up the appetite for eating a elephant! Definitely ladies' favourite.
Nenas  RM0.50 ~ RM1
For myself, I seldom eat raw pineapple even pineapple juice. This cooked pineapple with their unique spices changed my perception to pineapple. Normally, I can feel my tongue burning after eating fresh pineapple, but cooked pineapple totally get rid of that kind of feel and taste better.
Nasi Beriyani Daging  RM7.50
The main character in the house. The special of the nasi beriyani is a rice-based dish made with spices. The condiments include of nutmeg, ghee,mace, cinnamon,cardamon, bay leaves, coriander, mint leaves, ginger, onions and garlic. Its taste extremely good, if you add extra kuah on top of it just like what I love to do. Besides that, not to forget about the beef which is soft and tender in texture. All the essential of the spices is totally absorbed inside and taste flavourful. 
The family photo of my nasi beriani! Overall, the food taste good to me. But the waiters are really not so friendly, hope they can improve on their service ya.

Address : Roslin Beriani House
14, Jalan Rebana, Kebun Teh,
80250 Johor Bharu
GPS : N01 29.740'  E103 45.610'

Tel: 07-3313310
Mobile: 012-7100708/ 017-7764690/ 010-4105048

Business hours:
Monday - Saturday  7.30 AM to 7.30 PM.
Starting Ramadhan, Monday to Saturday 11.00 AM to 9.00 PM.


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