Wednesday 3 July 2013

Monsta Cafe @ Taman Nusa Bestari, Skudai, Johor

Monsta Cafe @  Taman Nusa Bestari, Skudai, Johor

We were looking for a dinner place, after a short walk in Mutiara Rini Park nearby. I have been Johor for months, yet I didn't see any boutique cafe or themed cafe like Garden or Full House here, possibly lack of market demand, it is our perception that boutique cafe is only nice to look, but not necessary nice to eat! Monsta Cafe is going to prove me wrong! Monsta Cafe is established in the new hot spot in Johor Bahru--Bukit Indah, a place surrounded by a lot of Iskandar development. So if you ever pay a visit to Legoland or Hello Kitty City, this will be a good place for a good meal.
Monsta Cafe located at the roadside and occupies a corner lot, a strategic location where you could easily attracted by its cartoonish billboard. Anyway, how scary can a pinkish monster be? It is rather cute I would say. The red antique racing car reminds me of Full House, do you have the same feel too? The view and the out look will be better without the obstruction of coconut tree and the bonsai. :p  
The cafe is demarcated into two, the front part is main for their specialized coffee and bakery, which infused with British concept of casualty. You can either pick up a tall seats infront of the bar, to witness the process of making your cup of coffee, or choose a seat next to the floor-to-ceiling windows, spend an enjoyable afternoon with a cup of good coffee and a nice book. 
The second part of the cafe is for dining, the interior design is very welcome and inviting with its colourful and  delighting furnitures and wall tiles. The cafe provides different types of dining tables, vary from wooden-made tables-chair to cushion sofa seats and coffee table, so you can have a walk and look around for a table that suits you the best. However, the cafe located at a business and commercial area, the only view you can get through from the windows are still commercial shoplots and vehicles, I bet this would be the only flaw.

Dark Chocolate Mocha 黑巧克力摩卡 RM8.50
Since the coffee lovers are more demanding now, the emphasis on the coffee is no longer about the taste, but also its presentation and arts.There are various types of patterns you can choose from the menu to make your coffee more interesting. As Christmas is approaching, a cute snowman was displayed on the top of our coffee. A little star cookies placed at the side of the coffee matches well with the coffee, love it!
Mocha Frappe 摩卡冰沙  RM9.90
Not to forget a icey mocha frappe during the hot evening. The mocha is topped with sinful cold whipping cream, with its smooth texture, it tastes more like ice cream which melts in mouth immediately. If you realize, I really like mocha very much, it tastes rather sweet with some chocolate to neutral the bitterness of coffee, yet it still smells good.
Chicken Baked Rice 鸡肉焗饭 RM12.90
The rice was first stir-fried with egg until fragrant, topped with marinated chicken and generous portion of cheese before baking. The portion was not very big, but is very filling. Be cautious when you put into mouth to avoid being scalded, the cheese on top locks the temperature inside, so it's extremely hot.
The chicken was marinated well till very flavourful, the baking time was just right, retain the tenderness of the chicken. The excellent also credited to the melting and wet cheese on top, as we know, a pizza wouldn't taste good with dried and cold cheese, the same theory of cheesy pizza applies here.
Good food always looks sinful >.< and I started to look for excuse and mumble to myself: I only had it once in a while, it won't cause too much cholesterol, right? :p
Balsamic BBQ Chicken 黑醋烧烤鸡扒 RM15.90
The lovely presentation lights up my day, I am so surprise that a normal cafe can come up with a Michelin fine dining style of presentation. I would consider to have my valentine here too? 
Distinguished from the normal chicken chop I had, the thickness of this chicken chop is rather more, make the biting texture better. The out layer of the chicken is grilled until fine and little bit crispy, while juicy and tender on the inside. The balsamic was used to enhance the chicken, gives some sourness to the chicken, make it taste refreshing and less oily.
The long canteen table is placed in the middle of the cafe, I am quite impressed with the daring and adventurous design and play with the colour contrast, I bet no much people will appreciate the long table? But if I go with a bunch of friends, I perhaps will prefer this long table for a chit chat.
Our high tea cum dinner ends with a glance to the owner's antique sport car! By the way, despite the cafe is given the name of "monsta", there is no monster, or even a doll of monster inside, I should raise my doubt to their waiter during next visit!

Address : Monsta Cafe
157, Jalan Bestari 1/5,
Taman Nusa Bestari 
81300 Skudai, Johor
GPS : N01 29.531'  E103 39.545'

Bussiness Hour : 11am - 1am

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